Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Don't you just love it when you find something for your home that really reflects the truth you live in?! (That sounded a little "Oprah-ish, didn't it?)
Last week while we were in Sacramento I went to Nordstrom Rack and found these embroidered pillowcases...

I really can't believe they are so "spot on" truthful!! (I wanted to get a picture of Scott and me holding them but he was having NO PART of that~I wonder why???)
I also found these cute ones (again, embroidered!) for Shae's bed. I could hardly wait to get the sheets washed and ironed so I could see how cute they were on her bed! (yep, I iron sheets. You should try it, I have done 3 queen sets and 1 king set today, can't wait to go to bed tonight!)

BTW~we are in the process of making our list for "Shae's Dorm Room" if anyone has any suggestions, let me know! It HAS been a while since I have lived in a dorm...I am trying to think of anything and everything she may need next year. *SO FUN*
We have also just made our very first Liberty University tuition payment-OUCH!

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Amy said...

OMG...Ashley would just LOVE those Paris pillow cases! I'm sure dorm shopping for a guy wasn't quite the same as the dorm shopping you guys will be doing. It'll be my turn for the Girly dorm shopping before I can turn around though.

Momofgirls said...

Amy, I will look next week when I go to Nordstrom Rack again for some pillow cases for Ashley!

Julie said...

I LOVED the pillowcases. Hilary would absolutely LOVE the Paris ones, too. Maybe you should buy all they have and re-sale them to your blog friends!! :0)