Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Break 2010

Last year we were at Disneyland with the Texas cousins!
This year we stayed home for Spring Break (thanks to our first Liberty University payment!). We managed to have a fun week. Luckily, Maeghan's family was in town this year too, so we had an extra daughter for most of the week, which makes Lindsay VERY happy!! (she taller than Maeghan all of a sudden too!)
Scott took us all to lunch at one of my favorite spots in Redding, Carnegie's. They have yummy sandwiches, soups and my VERY favorite thing, Apple, Bleu Cheese and Walnut Salad! (and Anna didn't want to be in the picture!!)
One day, Scott took the girls snowboarding at Mt. Shasta (about a 45 min. drive). Anna had never been and Shae had been maybe twice. Our kids haven't had much of an opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard because it's not like we could take the whole family. Having a sister like Lindsay has cost my other two girls a little bit in some areas, but they would BOTH say that she is worth ANYTHING they had to give up! Scott's schedule at camp is not always "family activity friendly" either.
Shae and Maeghan
Shae said she spent most of her time like this!! Maeghan and Scott had a great time snowboarding down the mountain though! Shae stayed and took some video of Anna taking her lesson and got a nice suntan on her face!

They had a nice day but Anna and Shae didn't really enjoy the snowboarding too much. Shae says it's just "not for her"...I couldn't agree more! I have decided the same thing after Scott and I went to Squaw Valley to "ski" one time. We almost got divorced right on the mountain! He is such a great skier that he picked snowboarding up like it was no big deal and thinks it is like that for everyone!!
While everyone went skiing, Lindsay and I had lunch at another delicious favorite salad place, Cheesecakes Unlimited. We eat there every Sunday after church, so I had trouble ordering Lindsay's salad without our favorite waitress, Stephanie there. She knows our order, down to the changes we ask for and everything!
After lunch, I burned off every.single.calorie taking Lindsay shopping for new clothes! I have always known what size she is and just got what she needed and brought it home but NONE of her clothes fit anymore so we had to move to the Juniors section and try on a zillion pairs of pants. Looks like she is a size 4. Oh how I hate pants with a low rise and a child who can't really pull them up in the back! We found some pants and shorts that come all the way up and bought all we could find!
Here is quite possibly the BEST thing that ever happened to a family with kids on a rainy day. A tent in the living room! Lindsay loved it, but every minute or so, she would shout out Maeghan's name until she would get in the tent too!
One of the saddest things about having only girls for a guy who LOVES to hunt is having only girls!!
Scott has this big list of "Things to do Before Shae Leaves My Home." One of those things is "shoot a gun/kill a turkey." Since the time is quickly approaching that she WILL BE gone, they decided to go out to Maeghan's grandpa's property and give it a try. Here they are at 5:45 am!
Scott and his posed hunting pictures! He has some of he and his brothers like this too!! Haha!
It was freezing cold and the wind was blowing sooooo hard. they didn't see much. Shae did get to see a turkey though!
And Scott got to cross "shoot a gun" off his list too!
I am not lying when I say the tent is the bomb dot com! Lindsay has spent most of the week in it. Anna had it fixed so cute and cozy, but Lindsay is a destruction derby so it didn't last long! Looks innocent enough, right?
Well, here is the whole picture! Sheesh, guess who will be folding all those blankets!?

Hope your Easter break was wonderful and you felt the presence of our wonderful Saviour during this season we remember his "unspeakable gift" to us!
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Julie said...

WOW, what a full week!! Looks like lots of fun, though! What great memories!

Amy said...

Looks like y'all had a really fun week! How cool that Scoot took Shae turkey hunting. My boys went this past Sat. morning also & Michael shot his very first turkey. He was so proud. Will have to post pics soon!

Kristi Smalley said...

You have such a wonderful, loving family. It is so nice that you live around so much beauty that allows you to do some much outdoors stuff. It lookds like you had a great week. I love Lindsey and the tent. I hope to meet that little girl one day.

Jennifer said...

Catching up on blogs! Hey, who says you have to travel somewhere to have a good spring break? Especially when you have gorgeous snow covered mtns like that in your back yard! Seriously, are you in awe of where you live? It's just gorgeous!

Love Lindsey's new do and her new living cute!

Oh, and love your new bedroom too! You're the Martha Stewart of the blog world. :)

Hope you're doing well!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a FUN FUN set of photos! I need a vaca, stat!

Dolly said...

Looks like an even better spring break staying at home than traveling and fighting the crowds at Disney! I know everyone is really going to miss Shae when she goes away to Liberty. Glad you're making so many wonderful memories together.