Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dorm Room Shopping!

I hate the thought of Shae being in Virginia next year...SO far away from home, but I KNOW she will have the time of her life! One thing that is keeping me from being a complete basket case is shopping for her dorm room! It has been so fun figuring out what she will need and picking out fun, cute things too! She chose a color scheme very similar to the one she has at home.
I'm sure Scott doesn't "get it" but he certainly "gets ME", so he has said nothing. Nothing like "you realize we have to get all that stuff from California to Virginia." No worries! The New Kathy Von Zealand zebra print 3 piece luggage set (that Shae is getting for graduation from Gma and Papa) will come in handy!
It's my coping mechanism~and he's a smart guy!
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Julie said...

I don't want to even BEGIN to think about Hilary going away. You'll have to fill me in 'cause I never lived in a dorm and don't know what you need. Love Shae's color scheme!!