Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lindsay and "My Husband"

Lindsay is really really into Scott. The minute she gets off the bus and starts walking up our sidewalk I always say, "Lindsay, I am soooo glad you are home, I missed you" to which she replies, "Where's Daddy?"
She wants him to brush her teeth, fix her food, wipe her name it, he does it "better". HE takes her to school every day too. One day I had to ride with them to go pick up my car and I had to sit in the back seat. When they got out , she told me to stay in the truck! Then when they walked away I heard her tell Scott, "Can you lock the door?"
She gets insanely jealous if I hug Scott in front of her and says, "get your hands off my Daddy". I kinda {love} that! It is so precious the way ALL my girls love him. He is a special man that God knew would make the best "girl Dad", especially for a "special needs girl".
Lindsay especially loves for Scott to tuck her into bed each night. The other night I tucked her in because Scott was flying. I read 3 books to her and told her stories about when she was a baby and how I was so happy when she was born with those perfect dark eyebrows. After we prayed as I was leaving her room she said, "Mommy, your husband tells the best stories!"

I can't begin to compete with him, and I don't even want to. How blessed I am to have this man to travel this journey with!
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Dana Lyn said...

How precious. You are very blessed.

Dolly said...

Loved this post! So sweet and such a sweet relationship she has with her daddy. God has girl dad's hand picked!

Momofgirls said...

Dolly...I KNOW you understand this!! Your Daddy is a special man for sure...God trusted him with 5 beauties and boy did he do a good job!

Julie said...

I loved this post, Inger. What a special relationship Lindsay and Scott have (and the other girls, too!). You are fortunate to have such a great husband. This post made me miss my Daddy!! :(

Jennifer said...

Oh wow, I loved this post, Inger. What a sweet man you have and a sweet little girl. I had to laugh about her wanting to lock you in the car...I'm sure all of our kids will want to do that at some point in our lives!

Very sweet!

Amy said...

I'm nosing through blog land here....feeling nosey & kinda stupid.....but Dolly....& you commenting on the daddy of 5 girls.....are we talking about the Rebers? I used to work at RST Marketing WAY back in the day!