Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jog-A-Thon and Purple Furniture

Every other year Redding Christian has a jog-a-thon fundraiser. It is always a huge success and the kids love it! This is the first year that the Elementary through High School has been on one campus (thanks to our wonderful new facilities!!) so it was also the first year that "the big kids" ran. The Junior High and High School could choose between running a 5 or 10K while the younger kids ran around the track.
Here are some of the seniors ready to go!
It was SO COLD and windy the whole time. I was freezing as I stood on the side counting laps for Anna's class! Here is Shae with Maeghan "I signed you up for the 10K, Shae" Hutchins.
Yep...10K...that is 6.2 miles!
The seniors got a good start and took pictures after each "K".
When I looked at the pictures I said to Shae, "were YOU TAKING the pictures?" She said, Uh, NO...I WAS RUNNING!"
What a cute idea to take a picture in the dugout...but I still wondered where Shae was?!
Here are the 5th graders from Mrs. Jarrett's class.
Anna ran 19 laps...4 1/2 miles! I was shocked every time she passed by us! So many kids just walked so I figured she would mostly walk but she RAN most of the way, finishing with the 5th most laps in her class!
When Anna and I were heading home I noticed that Shae's friends were in her truck (well, her Papa's truck she has borrowed for weeks...) asking ME where she was! I had no idea. They were headed to lunch and waited for 30 minutes or so before leaving her a note that they were at Round Table. Shae called to ask me to meet her with some money for lunch and said that the very ones who signed her up for the 10k had quit after 5k and she and her friend, Rachel had finished the 10K!!! She had no idea that they quit! Hahahaha!
So she ran 6.2 miles and ate a guilt-free pizza lunch!
Later that afternoon Anna had her last softball game. It was the championship game! They ended up losing by 2 runs, but, think how tired all those girls must have been after the jog-a-thon!
~Purple Furniture~
Shae left early this morning to do her community service, so she noticed that our neighbors were having a garage sale. She told me to check out the purple furniture.
Lindsay, Anna and I walked over to look at it..I wanted the cute bench for Shae's room. I am going to paint it black and recover the seat, load it with pillows and put it against the wall!

Scott was less than thrilled, to say the least...but The WHOLE set, including the bench, a chair, the dressing table and a headboard with foot board was a mere $40. How could I NOT get it??
I can keep what I want and sell the rest on Craig's List! Lindsay and Anna have been fighting all day over the purple dressing table though!
{he said "these kind of deals never work out for us..we'll see!}
I wish I had taken a picture of Scott's face while he carried it across the street. Priceless.

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Dana Lyn said...

Nice shade of purple!!! LOL. I bet it will look great re-painted.

Momofgirls said... really is somethin' right now...although Lindsay and Anna LOVE it just like it is!! hahahaha

Julie said...

Who in the world would have purple furniture? has potential!! And, what a deal!!!!