Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Driving on Field Trips...

Every year, Redding Christian takes the whole high school to Marine World in Vallejo (between Sacramento and San Francisco). Parents are the drivers. My friend Stacy and I have driven each year that Maeghan and Shae have gone. Two years ago we dropped our kids off at the gate and took off to shop, have lunch and see a movie.
Here are the fun girls I had the pleasure of spending 3 hours (each way) with. It was a fun, giggling, singing filled trip!! I got the low-down on who likes who and all that important stuff!
It was so funny this year because usually we don't hear from the girls all day (unless we are there to hold their stuff while they were on a ride) they love staying there from opening until closing. THIS YEAR Maeghan and Shae BOTH called us around noon and were "over" Marine World!
Guess they had their fill of all the rides, and Mr. Diehl (and his roll of quarters) squirting them with the quarter operated squirt gun!
This year Stacy and I kidnapped our friend, Carmen Diehl (she ditched her husband and his quarters in the park!) to go shopping! We had the most wonderful time together!
Carmen, Stacy and I are identical in the way we shop! We hit all the most important and FUN stores: Coach Outlet(where Carmen got the most precious purse!), HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross...
It was so nice to just take our time because we had 10 hours to waste! We found some great stuff and still had room for the kids to ride home with us (after putting most of it in Carmen's awesome storage area of her van..Stacy and I have NO ROOM in our Expeditions for bags!!)
Then....then.....we went to *IKEA*!! We spent 3 hours in there and I spent a total of only $4.95!
What a fun store to just wander around in with good friends!
Shae and Maeghan called several times wishing we were close enough to come pick them up to shop too, but we were too far away. Carmen has twin boys who are seniors too, and one of her boys called to see if we would make a McDonald's run for them!!! Obviously they all think we have NOTHING important to do but we had some serious shopping going on!
Last year everyone in my car was asleep in about 10 minutes on the way home so I was delighted to have more singing on the way home! They all did eventually fall asleep about an hour away from home but Shae would occasionally wake up and ask me if I was okay. :)

I can't believe another year is ending and I have a child who will be OUT of high school! Oh well, in 3 years I am sure I will be on the road to Marine World again with a carload of Anna's friends!
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