Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shae's Favorite Meal

Shae absolutely loves chicken enchiladas! On her last day at school (their real last week has been in the Virgin Islands, graduation is June 1st!)) Shae and Maeghan planned a potluck lunch for the senior class.
Which meant that I had to make the enchiladas, bake them and deliver them hot at lunchtime.
That also meant I had a chance to visit with some of my favorite kids...
I gave the girls their senior trip gifts while I was there. Monogrammed beach towels, a blow up floaty and personalized stationary. I think I am developing a "monogram addiction" but aren't they so cute?
The weary travellers will be home late- late tomorrow night and I cannot wait to see all the pictures!! I just put some clean, ironed, fresh sheets on my girl's bed along with her little welcome home gift. Wonder how I will survive with her so far away next year.
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Kim said...

You are such a fantastic mom and I LOVE all the monogrammed things you do!

Rachael said...

Recipe, please!!! :)) Last time I made chicken enchiladas, it was a disaster, so I'm looking for a recipe to redeem myself!

Jacquee said...

I'm with Rachael, recipe please!!! You are such a sweet Mommy.