Sunday, May 23, 2010

Senior Year Flies By!

I can't believe Shae's senior year of high school is officially over!
The "Spring Banquet" (even though it is not a banquet...people who went to christian schools totally get this!) was the last event for the school year.
It was a chance to get dressed up and have fun with friends!

And take lots of pictures!

Here are some of the seniors. They are on their way to the Virgin Islands for their senior trip through Joshua Expeditions (a christian organization, they have a missions element during their week too!)! They will arrive tonight after a 4 hour bus ride to San Fransisco, a 5 hour flight to Miami and a 2 1/2 hour flight to St. Thomas. Phew! I know they will be exhausted. But... Something tells me they won't care!

Please keep them in your prayers for safety, fun and above all, good testimonies! They travel back next Saturday and then they have Graduation to look forward to on Tuesday, June 1st!


Julie said...

High school in general just flies by, but the senior year especially!! After that, college is just a blur!! It's seems even harder when it's your youngest getting up there. Lyle is suppose to be my "baby" (although he would die if he read that!!). :0)

Dolly said...

Wow! I can't believe school is already out for Shae. THeir Senior trip sounds fun too! I know you're proud of your girl and should be. She's on her way to college now! Bittersweet!

Amy said...

Wow....won't be long before you guys are bringing her our way in a few short months.