Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunny Saturday

I seriously hope that Anna will take care of me when I am old! I walked outside to see this scene today:

Anna had Lindsay all set up with an umbrella, books, drinks, sunglasses and 2 FANS blowing on her!

What a Life!


Jessica said...

That is so sweet. What a wonderful sister!

Julie said...

Anna is such a beautiful girl with a sweet and kind spirit. I'm sure God looks down and smiles on the many occasions Anna is so dear!

Kim said...

I can safely say that Anna will be taking care of you very well. In about 50 years when you are old.

Stefanie said...

I used to easily tan; now we are so white - we stick with the self tanning lotion. I like the fans!

Grace Meeker said...

LOVE this post!!! =) You always capture the perfect moments Inger!