Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Superior Anna

A few weeks ago Anna came home and announced that she had been chosen to represent her class in the annual Speech Meet. I will admit, I wasn't super excited...I had been down that road before when Shae was in elementary school and I remember helping her learn the looooooong poem she said!
It's funny how you sort of "relax" with each child after the first one. Anna's category was "Bible Prose." She learned the story of Moses. Every.single.word. all by herself! She would occasionally recite it to us while we cleaned up after dinner, but the girl did it on her own!
Our school was the host school, so it was a minimum day. I brought lunch for Shae and Anna, so we had a picnic and practiced a few times before the students from all the other schools arrived just to calm the nerves a bit.
Papa and Grandma came out to support Anna!
We weren't allowed to take pictures in the room but Anna did a wonderful job! She had such expression and poise. The girl right before Anna drew a blank, and sat back down crying...so I we were very nervous about how that would affect Anna.
When it came time to hand out the awards the nerves set in again! Redding Christian students were called to the stage! There were 4 levels; participant, good, excellent and superior.
I watched Anna as they began calling the kids up...there were many "superiors" in a row and she had a smile on her face, hopeful that she would fall into that category. Then there was an "excellent" called...Uh Oh. The smile on Anna's face began to fade! A couple of "good"s were called up...double Uh Oh!! Hope returned when there was a "superior" again! Phew!
What a relief when the words, "Anna Luff.... SUPERIOR" were said!!
We were so proud of her! I am sure it is hard to live up to a big sister who was naturally good at everything, but I have a feeling there will be a lot more awards in this "little sister's" future!

Anna, we are so proud of you and we think you are VERY SUPERIOR!
Great Job on that very long recitation, I don't think I could have done it!
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Julie said...

Congratulations, Anna!! I remember my kids being in the Speech Meet. I think I was always more nervous than they were. :0)

Stefanie said...

Being a younger sister myself of a perfect, smart sister...it isn't easy! Congratulations to Anna!

Dolly said...

Ah, congrats to Anna! She seems like a very smart girl and I know you all are very proud of her. So sweet of her grandparents to come hear her too.

PS. Got Shae's graduation pic in the mail. SO BEAUTIFUL!

Kim said...

Superior Anna is the perfect title for this post! Congrats sweet girl.