Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camp Cousins 2010

The Texas cousins have arrived at camp! Barry, Stephanie, Brady and Averi are here for 2 weeks. Laurie will come this Sunday and bring the rest of the cousins with her.
We have been having lots of fun at the lake,
Brady is unbeatable at Gutterball!
Averi was not one little bit afraid to go down the water slide!
I could not believe how brave that little thing was!
I LOVE this picture of her...she looks like the princess of the camp!
Lindsay loves that Uncle Barry will go out in the water and play, maybe Daddy will have time to play over the weekend!
The other day I was putting some laundry in when Lindsay disappeared. I found her waiting on the fence where "the cousins" park when they drive over from "the big house" after naps. She was ready for the beach again!!
I had a ton more pictures to load but the internet is painfully slow this week because of all the computers this week's group is using...UGH! I will try again when they are all in bed!


Dolly said...

Looks like so much fun Inger! That water slide is so cool! I would be all over that if I was a kid again. Can't believe the summer is flying by so quickly already. Take advantage of the last few weeks there with your family. It looks like a beautiful place to spend the summer

Kristi Smalley said...

WOW! I have been behind on blogs and enjoyed a long read of your summer posts. What fun and what incredible family memories. Thanks for sharing! I was having fun through you guys.

Christy said...

Inger--all of these pics make me MISS Lassen Pines!!! I would come back in a heartbeat if I wasn't so dang far away! lol Miss you all...please give everyone BIG hugs from me!! Have a wonderful time together!