Friday, July 9, 2010

Lassen Pines far.

We have had a very busy couple of weeks...and LOTS of trouble with the Internet at camp! I am posting a few random pictures just to get somewhat caught up (and to make Grace, Jacquee and Jenn happy! hee hee!)
June 27th was our 23rd anniversary. I know how shocked you people must be that we have been married for soooo long when we are still so young! We snuck away to have dinner and sleep in our air conditioned house! Scott spent almost the whole night throwing up!!! super fun. ~Think I will take a rain check on the anniversary dinner~
Camp is well under way. We have the most fun staff kids this year. They have worked so hard to get things ready for the campers and have had some fun as well!
It is no small task getting 45 acres ready after it has been untouched for several months. There are always broken pipes here and there and lots of grass to be mowed!
After the work, there is time for games!! (which means MORE work for the "programming staff"!)
We have a competitive group this year!!!

I really think it is funny that every.summer these kids think they can "get" Scott and not be worried about HIS paybacks!!
I know that he is planning his revenge for a few water balloon throwers!
After each group of campers leaves, these kids get to work cleaning the cabins and tee pees for the next group...AFTER they have cooked, cleaned, lifeguarded, served and many other things throughout the week.

We had a "Make Your Own Pizza" lunch one day and it was so much fun, and sooooo good!
The big dining tent went up without a hitch,
and the water trampoline went into place on the lake with the help of lots of muscles!
ShopVacs are a wonderful!
And there is nothing like the sound of the dinner bell after a long day of working!
Ice cream in the "back yard" is so much fun at night too!
We even tried making tie-dyed T-shirts this week!
Money Bags made some $ during the week, selling her wares! She even set up a line of credit for those on our staff who didn't have cash on hand. She's gonna take care of us one day!
We had amazing Praise and Worship this week. There is something about singing to our God while you are on the mountain serving Him that touches your soul. (and our worship leader, Jack, has been just the right guy for us this year!!)
We DID start the LP Biggest Loser Challenge this summer...but it isn't easy around here!
I am cherishing each moment with my college-bound girl too!
Phew...see? I told you we have been busy! I have more to post later, but I can't find the pictures I need right now. Lindsay is busy with her blocks and I have to go start another load of laundry. It is good to be at my house for the night, it is 106 outside so the air conditioning is divine!

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Kim said...

Thanks for all the great pictures and good updates on your summer so far. I'm glad it is going so well, minus Scott throwing up on your anniversary. Your money bags explanation made me smile :-)

Jacquee said...

Yay, an update! Thanks for the shout out! =0) I just love your blog. I love seeing all the happenings of your family. You all have too much fun. Maybe some day my girls will want to go work up at camp for the summer. Glad to hear your summer is going well. Tell Anna to share the wealth. =0)

Julie said...

I have missed your blogs, Inger. I love hearing what's happening at Lassen Pines -- one of my most favorite places!!!!