Saturday, July 31, 2010

Man Night 2010

The boys didn't want to be outdone by our "Girl's Night" so Joseph planned a "Man Night" for the LP staff boys the same night. He worked so so hard on his dinner...{and all of us girls were busy with our own meal, so he really did do it by himself!!}
He made his special "Joseph Parra's Rib Rub" {I am still waiting for him to release the rights to the recipe so I can post it here!}. They cooked ALL day long and smelled delicious! But, he totally hogged all the ovens!
They had salad, steak fries, garlic bread and bottled root beer and cream soda to compliment the ribs.
They didn't mind eating outside OR on the blue trays!!
Then they all shot guns. Seriously.
Be sure to click on this picture to see Scott at the end of the table...ugh, boys!
Don't worry, they had party favors too. Each "Man" got his own pocket knife! Some of them have already lost them and most of the rest of them are just plain obnoxious with them. Oh Well....God created girls and boys soooo differently, and I am so glad he did!!

"yet man is born into trouble, as the sparks fly upward."

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Amy said...

What an awesome verse! My boys would've had a blast!!