Monday, August 2, 2010

Camp Cousins

We have had so much fun with the Texas cousins these last few weeks!
All 10 Luff cousins in order of age! (17-2)
We have been riding all around camp on the vehicles, watching the staff play games.
Brady and Austin got on the dish crew for a few meals.
We have spent countless hours at the beach.
Hannah and Anna took Austin to the dock~he was thrilled to be in the "deep end".
We have eaten lots of "JUNK"!!!!
Shae has tortured Cooper over and over threatening to kiss him! {and she has won the battle a few times}
Hannah, Aunt Stephanie and Anna
The kids had lessons in pancake making from Uncle Scott.
Uncle Barry and Papa built a pyramid sand castle and impressed lots of campers!
{check out how well my new flash works!}
We hiked Mt. Lassen to see the snow,
and had slumber parties at Grandma and Papa's "Big House"!
We loved on each other...
and made some precious memories!
It is fun to be a part of such a big, fun bunch {especially for me, I was an only child!}

"Children are a gift of the Lord."
Psalm 127:3

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Kim said...

Blessed are the Luff cousins for all the love and fun they have with each other!