Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lindsay's Need For Speed

This little girl LOVES to go fast! She loves riding on the golf kart, but she really loves the GO-Karts! The problem is, she can't drive herself like all the other 12 year olds,
or like her speedy little sister can.
Lucky for Lindsay, she has a wonderful friend,
who helps her with her tray at meals, makes her laugh,
swims out to the dock with her,
and makes sure that she has the same "Go-Kart riding experience" as the "regular kids!
Micah, you are one in a million, and a HUGE blessing to or family! We Love you!! I am NOT looking forward to the goodbyes at the end of the summer!
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Kim said...

You can see Micah's heart through his servant spirit. I don't know him but I think it is very awesome!