Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Ladies Luncheon

My Mother-in-law, Dottie, has been wanting to have Shae and her friends over for lunch since the beginning of their senior year. Something always came up and made it impossible!
Since my sister-in-law, Laurie, is in town from Dallas, Dottie thought it would be fun to do it this week. The girls, except Alyssa (we missed you!) were all able to make it yesterday. Shae drove down from camp after breakfast~we have 600 campers this week!
The table was beautifully decorated (my SIL is amazingly talented at tablescapes, so is Dottie)
Each girl had a gift tied with a name card hand written with a verse chosen especially for them!
Shae's place had a precious zebra picture frame with a picture of her with her Grandma in it. (and it will match her dorm room decor!)
We had Shae's favorite meal that Dottie makes~it's called "Japanese Dinner". (Wish I had taken pictures of the food!) It is rice with chicken and many toppings that you pass around and then you pour hot chicken gravy over all of it and it is DE-lish! She also made Shae's very most favorite thing~German Chocolate Cake, her recipe is THE BEST!
Next year Shae will be in VA, Laura will be in TN, but Rachel and Maeghan will be at Simpson University here in town. Oh how I will miss being a part of these girls' lives every day!
Thank you Dottie and Laurie for making everything so beautiful and so special for the girls!! Everything was delicious and it was fun to get away from camp and enjoy a quiet meal this summer!


Mary Poppins (I wish!) said...

Oh man! Bummer I missed this! Glad it was special :) Miss you guys!

Momofgirls said...

Alyssa....will you PLEASE come see me this year?

Momofgirls said...
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Amy said...

Looks like an awesome day!

BTW, I got my Tshirt today.....what a wonderful surprise to find waiting after a long day of shopping! ;-) You are just too, too sweet & I cannot wait to see you soon!!!