Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life on Dandelion Drive

While Scott and I were in Virginia getting our first born all settled in at college, her two little sisters were in the care of Grandma, Papa and some of the most fun staff kids from camp!
They had fun going to the mall, eating who knows what and having a camp staff slumber party at our house! Grandma and Papa handled the first two days of school while we were gone. I have *never* missed the first day of school...ever.
But, we needed to be with Shae! Lindsay and Anna had a small gift to open each day that we were gone. Anna called each day to report which gifts were opened that day, she never said she missed us!!!

and they did fine without me. {what self-respecting "helicopter mom" wants to hear that?!}
So far 6th and 7th graders are doing great! I am so glad my girls LOVE going to school.

On Tuesday I was running some errands (and I forgot my cell phone, of course!) I stopped by Dottie's house and while I was there Scott called. Dottie got a nervous look on her face and handed me the phone.
Scott was calling from inside an ambulance!! My heart sunk. He reassured me that everything was okay, but that Lindsay had fainted on the playground at school and had turned blue!
All I could think of was we have been down that road before Lord, PLEASE don't take her NOW!!
I raced to the hospital and went in the same familiar ER door that I had followed the paramedics through 11 years ago with my precious perfect 8 month old baby. She would never be the same again after that visit.
Here we were again. I walked past the very room where she lay in the little crib and I saw the x-rays of her enlarged heart and heard the possible treatment plan of a heart transplant.
This time was different. Praise the Lord!
Lindsay was a little afraid and uneasy about what was happening to her. She did NOT like the IV needle. She did not like the blood pressure cuff.

She did not like Shae being so far away...
The IV did the trick! We watched Lindsay "come back to life" {uh, like talking endlessly} with each drop of fluid going into her little body. They ran lots of tests and did a chest x-ray and ran an EKG. Everything was fine!
She was very dehydrated, which makes sense since it was 110 that day!
She loved the fact that she was in room 12 because she is 12. It was adorable when they asked her how old she was, "Twelve...almost thirteen" was her reply! Sounds like "normal" kid's response, doesn't it?? She was ready to get out of there too.
Lindsay took the next day off from school but this morning she was ready to go. She told me, "I bet all my friends were worried about me!" I know she's right about that!

What a precious, gentle reminder from Our Heavenly Father to cherish the gifts he gives us.

"A man's heart plans his way but The Lord directs his steps."
Proverbs 16:9

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Dolly said...

Man! I was so nervous about what I was goign to read next. I'm so glad Lindsey is okay now. What a scare I'm sure! I know Shea probably hated being away hearing about this too.