Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is the month that my first baby will turn 18. She will be an adult. I don't know where the years have gone, or why they have passed by so quickly.
It is very weird having one of my children living on the other side of the country. She doesn't eat her meals here and I don't wash her clothes anymore. She is so happy and so not homesick, and I am thankful~ but, my heart hurts. It is a pain that comes upon me at the strangest times. According to Scott I need to "let her fly" , "let her grow up". I GET that, I really do. But I had no idea that so much of who I am IS my children. I almost feel.....lost at times.
I am trying to not miss her.
She is in good hands, and surrounded by girls I would probably hand pick for her.
She is making good choices.
Scott says that we have "done our job and now it is her time to live what we have taught her".
{but in MY defense, she DID skip 8th grade, so I was robbed of one year of her still being home!}
I am thankful that I still have two girls at home. Maybe now I understand why God allowed Lindsay to be the way she is~so she will always need me. {I think}
I am not the first and certainly won't be the last Mama that has had to send her little birdie out of the nest to try and fly alone. But I wasn't prepared for how it would feel. In my head I know that she is right where she is supposed to be, my heart will eventually "get it" too. I know I will make it through this...but, seriously, If ONE MORE PERSON tells me that since she went to school in Virginia, she will never live in my home again, I might have to punch them!

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Kim said...

I know exactly what you are feeling in the aspect of having one of your chicks leaving the nest. It does get easier even though it may not feel that way. The heart of a mother is something that cannot be explained but it is truly filled with so much love and longing.

I totally "get" it. Hang in there and skype often!

Amy said...

I 'get it' too! {{{Hugs}}}

Jenn said...

Praying your heart catches up with your brain soon :)....I am not looking forward to those days.

Momofgirls said...

Thank you sweet friends! Scott just doesn't understand....Haha!

Grace Meeker said...

I love you Inger!!! Your posts always make my day.....=)

Dolly said...

I can't imagine how hard it is watching your first born leave. I'll be there one day. Hang in there Inger. The visits will be so nice when you see each other again. Oh, and don't listen to those people who say she'll NEVER live at home again. I came back twice before I figured out where God wanted me and always loved being back at my parents. As a girl, it's such a comforting feeling that will never go away.