Friday, September 10, 2010

Daddy's "Binny~Boo" and Lake Shasta

On Labor Day Scott and I found ourselves home alone with Lindsay. Anna was hanging out with Chloe for the day and Shae was in VIRGINIA!
Scott mentioned going out to check on the patio boat, which lives in the marina at Shasta Lake. I was busy around the house and Lindsay was watching Dora the Explorer, so Scott went on to check on things at the lake. We were going to meet up later for dinner.
He had been gone for maybe 10 minutes when Lindsay came and said she needed to get her bathing suit on because it was time to go out to the boat.
Uh Oh.
I told her that Daddy had already left.
bottom lip out
I called Scott and Lindsay tearfully told him that she wanted to go too.
"Can you come back for me, Daddy?"

He was home in just a few minutes and off the three of us went!
It was a beautiful day! The water was crystal clear.
Lindsay didn't stop talking or SMILING the entire afternoon.
Who could resist this face?
Lindsay had the chance to drive the boat since there weren't many other boats out that day. What a feeling for this girl who will never drive a car. Scott would tell her to turn left or turn right and she did great.
We had lunch and swam some more, then we took a scenic ride around the lake. Lindsay must have worn herself out because she stayed in this lounging position for most of the way back to the marina.
Ahh, the view of Mt. Shasta from the lake is indescribable. Who, but our God could create such beauty?
When we got in the car to head home I am sure Lindsay told Scott, "Thank you Daddy, that was fun" at least 200 times. Scott just replied, "you are welcome, Binny~Boo" it WAS fun."
It was a great day!
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