Thursday, September 16, 2010

KOBE= Yum!

Over the summer, Redding really stepped up a few notches...we got a Kobe restaurant!!
We decided to give it a try after church and it did not disappoint! Scott and I had eaten there one day during the summer and it was de-lish, so we thought his parents and the girls would like it too.
Lindsay didn't really like the whole "fire shooting up in the air" thing! Our chef was so precious with Lindsay though, he gave her huge servings of everything and tried to talk to her the whole time. I LOVE that she has that effect on people. She ate every last morsel of food on her plate too. Lindsay kept saying, "Shae is missing out on this!" She was also concerned that our waitress every Sunday at "Cheesecakes Unlimited" was wondering where we were!
Anna's friend Aubrey came with us which made the afternoon really fun for Anna. The girls watched in awe as our chef cooked everyone's food to perfection.
They even ate with chopsticks. Scott and his dad are really good at eating with them but the girls used the "cheater" kind.
I highly recommend Kobe for lunch. It is very affordable and so delicious! It beat our dinner at Ben-i-hana in San Francisco for sure!
On our way out, Lindsay got a phone call from a very sweet big sister in Virginia!
It was a good Sunday!!
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Julie said...

Oh, Inger, I have been dying for someone to eat there and tell me how it was. I've never been to a restaurant where they cook your food right there by you. Glad to read your "review".

Momofgirls said...

Julie...TRY IT! It is cheap for lunch, portions are big, it is soooo good and lots of fun!

Kim said...

Lunch it is! Thanks for the tip and review!

Jenn said...

I have been there a couple of so yummy. Julie: my mom would love to go again. I really want to take my kids they would love it.