Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reality is Sinking in.

Anna is the nurturer in this family. Her mission in life is to make others happy. What a gift she is. She especially wants to make sure Lindsay gets to enjoy the things in life that most of us take for granted.
Over the summer, when Aunt Laurie was here, Lindsay was treated to a real manicure at the salon with Anna, cousin Hannah, Grandma and Laurie. She still talks about it! Who knew SHE would like having manicures!?
I guess Anna thinks it's important to maintain proper nail care...even for Lindsay!
And let me tell you, Lindsay wasn't complaining!
I appreciate that tender-hearted girl so much. I am so glad she had such a great time doing fun things (without Lindsay) with her visiting Texas cousins over the summer. She needs time to relax,
and play a few video games without having to "help" Lindsay!
I think the reality of Shae's absence from our home is beginning to sink in with Lindsay. The other night, I was having a hard time getting to sleep so in order to let Scott get some sleep, I decided to go get in Shae's bed.
It was 2:17am when I heard, "Whooooo is it? Who is it?!" I tried to be still and quiet hoping Lindsay would fall back to sleep. But then came the familiar shuffle of those sweet feet.
She walked right into She's room where I was and said, "I knew it!! I knew you would come back, Shae-Shae! I'm so glad you're home!"
Lindsay says what she misses most is having Shae come into her bed in the mornings and cuddling. She also told me that she really misses Maeghan spending the night!
I can't even imagine how confusing it really is to Lindsay's simple little mind, because my mind can hardly comprehend it either.
Hurry up, Christmas break!
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Jacquee said...

I cried. Poor Lindsey. I remember when my sister Jaynee first moved to Mexico. I was 12 and cried pretty much every day until Christmas. I'll be praying for Lindsey.
What a sweet girl Anna is. I hope that my girls are as sweet to each other as yours are.

Julie said...

How sad!! Poor, Lindsay and all of you without your sweet Shae!! I know in my heart that God looks down on Anna soooo many times and smiles really BIG!!!

Mary Poppins (I wish!) said...

You have such a sweet sweet family, Inger! Miss you... and Shae too :( Hug those girls for me!

Hanarie123 said...

I came to tears reading about Lindsey coming into shae's room.. What a sweet family you have! The Holidays are right around the corner, and thank you Jesus for Skype! To help those little moments..