Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liberty Girl

Well, we did it. We took our daughter to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, moved her in...and came home without her.
She is unbelievably, ecstatically happy there!!!

Liberty has grown so much since Scott and I were students! It's hard to believe there are 10,000 students on campus!!! What an exciting place!

Shae and Devyn Horsley (we went to LU with her parents!!) by the Liberty sign, the must have picture!
We went to the Lynchburg Target 759 times I think...
Shae is in dorm 21, it is the building on the right. She has already tripped on those stairs too (she says "tripped" but her knee has a nasty wound, so I think she FELL!! haha).

We were walking around campus the day after we arrived in town and when we went to see if the dorm was WAS! We were able to get her key that day and start getting moved in!!!
Her room is next door to the RA's room and across from the bathroom!
Shae and Devyn with their RAs~ Hillary and Andrea. Looks to be a fun year!!
We could NOT believe that Devyn's room was right next door to Shae's! They have been talking via Facebook and Skype since we found out that both were headed to Liberty but they actually met in REAL LIFE when they moved into the dorm. Instant friendship. Seems like they have known each other forever!
Scott and I enjoyed hanging out with Devyn's parents all week too! Those boys were put to work running errands, moving furniture and hanging curtains while we "helicopter Moms" got to work organizing and micro-managing.
{Scott only had to tell me to land my helicopter a few times...} For the most part, Shae and Scott let me do my thing. They knew that the room was my coping mechanism.
Shae and Devyn with the Dorm 21-1 SLDs (Spiritual Life Directors-Devyn's mom, Shannon was one of these when she was at LU!) Shae kept saying that the one on the left looked familiar...we later found out that she has been to our camp as a counselor with Word Of Life for a couple summers!!
Here is the happily moved-in girl. Her roommate was out of town until our last day there so I didn't get to {hover} help her move in. So far there are only 2 instead of 3 in Shae's room which makes it VERY roomy!
The view out of the window.....the steps to the dining hall where lots of boys pass on the way to their dorms! hahaha
Desk area
So far Shae has been super neat and clean!!
This bed is usually lofted with a dresser and desk under it, but since there are only 2 in this room so far, we lowered the bed and put the extra desk under it so they keep the drawer space and have move floor space.

The closets are much bigger than I remember (but we had 4 in a room and shared this closet! They have also added the nice shelves which are very deep and hold a lot!!!
Curtains hide a multitude of "closet" sins...
I was NOT leaving Lynchburg without eating at Amanda (Miller) Pate's restaurant! We went to City Place Food & Co. in Wyndhurst for breakfast the day before we left. I had the most scrumptious fresh fruit and yogurt with homemade (unbelievably good) granola!
While we were there, Scott gave Shae a precious gift. The card was as much a gift with the words he wrote. *tears*
He got Shae a diamond solitaire necklace. It is beautiful! In the card he said how glad he was that he could be the first guy to give her a diamond and how he prays she will be careful who she choses to accept the next one from.
{the bar has been set pretty high for any boy that comes into my daughters' lives}
We finally had the pleasure of meeting precious Kara, Shae's roommate (Kara's dad is Shae's Evangelism prof.!!)! She is 4'11" to Shae's 5'10". What a blessing to have such a godly, sweet girl to live with for Shae's Freshman year at Liberty! These girls will have a lot of fun this year...and study a lot I am sure!

"So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with Thankfulness."
Col. 2:6-7

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Amy said... finally updated your blog...even though I've most all of the pics already. Love that one of Scott & Shae....OMG.....make me cry, why don't ya?!

Kim said...

I am also glad to see the update. Looks like Shae is doing great. How are you doing Mom? Seeing how happy she is probably eases your mind a lot. Loved seeing all the pics and the sweet gift from Scott.

Grace Meeker said...

so I did fine until I got to the part about Scott giving Shae her necklace and letter, and then I lost it......she is so blessed to have great parents like you two!!!

Donna said...

What a nice post, Inger! It looks like Shae is all set up in the next chapter of her life. I know she will love it up there:) You did a good job getting her situated and her dorm looks adorable! I know it was probably so hard to leave her there and head home to CA. The necklace Scott gave her was such a great idea,too:)

Dolly said...

Wow! What a week! I'm surprised we didn't run into you while you all were here and all the running around you did. I've seen Shae the last two Sunday's and it's been fun. I've also met her sweet roommate, Kara. I'm glad she has her too.
I know she was so happy to have both her parents here to help her get moved in and all settled. Her room looks cute

Christy said...

Inger, I almost cried reading what Scott said to Shae about the diamond! How sweet and how thoughtful! She is blessed with great parents for sure. I know you must really miss your girl (and I know she is missing you guys terribly too)...but I know she is loving every minute of being @ LU! So life-changing!! :)