Saturday, October 2, 2010

Even The Rocks Cry Out

We have had the warmest weather these last few weeks. We are {over} it too. Happy Fall?! But, if you can't escape it, you may as well enjoy it. Today was in the 90's so Scott suggested that we cruise around the lake and try to catch some fish. Anna and Lindsay were so excited!
Lindsay did not like how fast we were going, so she hung onto Scott and she was okay as long as his hand was on her leg (keeping her from falling out of the boat I guess).
Anna was chill , but she is the ultimate "rule follower" (even more so than me!) so she kept her life jacket on the entire time!
The great spot to catch fish was "just around this next corner, up the Pitt Arm of the lake." Scott nearly lost the girls' interest because it took sooooo long to get where we were going!
It was a beautiful ride, though!
The water was absolutely crystal clear and as smooth as glass.
Scott's friend (and flight instructor) had been fishing the day before and he caught so many he had to keep throwing them back after a while.
I guess he caught ALL the fish because we saw no action! And about this time the girls were getting bored and hungry. Scott made some comment about how when you are with females in order to have fun "all the stars must be aligned, the temperature perfect...blah blah blah....I have heard this one before, so I tuned him out like always.
Then, it was as if God himself wanted to reassure Scott that HE MEANT for him to have only daughters and everything would be okay...
Because he caught a fish! The only one we saw all afternoon.
The real "catch" was witnessing the beautiful handiwork of Our God.
"I tell you, he replied, if they keep quiet, the rocks will cry out."
Luke 19:40
What a brilliant show!
Anna and I agreed that God's colors are simply indescribable.

I love how my girls always say, "thanks, Dad, that was fun!"
and he always says, "it sure was!" {and he forgets all about the complaining!}
Lindsay is VERY nervous about the steps at the marina, especially in the dark. Scott offered her a piggyback ride. She said, "I think you can do it, Daddy."
And he did! All the way to the top with an extra 110 pounds!
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Kim said...

Your posts always move me by the compassion and beauty in your family. You are blessed. Plus those sunset pics are indescribable. We have a wonderful Creator God.

Ashleigh said...

Looks like quite a lovely day! I check your blog often but don't comment much. The love that you all show to each other is so precious and beautiful! Your pictures are amazing! He is so creative!!

Dolly said...

What a fun day with your girls and husband. I cannot believe how beautiful the water is on the lake. Wow! And the sunset! I bet Shae gets homesick when she sees this stuff. What a beautiful day