Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let the Wedding Festivities Begin!

This summer we had a VERY special event take place at camp.
Joseph Parra asked Jenn Dangc to marry him!!!
{This is Joseph, Groom-to-be with Tyler~behind the scenes (behind the tree) engagement cameraman}
Everyone FLIPPED OUT when they came back and showed us the ring! Then we all looked at the precious pictures on a tiny camera!! So cute!
{and I have to say that "it was about time!" Because Joseph had that ring forever and even gave it to ME to keep until he was ready...I was about to die until he finally said, "Hey, I need that thing you have been holding for me!!!}
It was so precious how all the staff was so excited. We live so closely all summer and it really is very much like a family, that is one of my favorite things about my life.
Jenn has been so busy doing all the planning for their November 13th wedding in Lynchburg, Virginia. I can't wait to go! There is one bridesmaid that I especially want to see!! I am thrilled that we get to go, but I wish Lindsay and Anna could be there too.
Jenn has done a wonderful job putting it all together, it is going to be beautiful.
Today I had a bridal shower for this very special girl.
I wish my house was a little bigger to accommodate crowds a little more comfortably, but it all worked out and my trusty card table came in handy to hold the gifts.
I decided to serve the food from my dining room table instead of the counter to make more space and it worked out nicely. I think I will do it the same way for Thanksgiving and use my Costco tables to eat on!
I sent Anna to the attic to look in my Valentine's Day box and get my silver "Love" letters.
I printed some quotes about love and put them around. (and look at those cute napkins from Michaels!)
Jenn brought me some of her engagement pictures {they are so GOOD} to display. They had them done in Lynchburg by the same girl who will be doing the wedding pictures. I can't wait to see how they turn out!!!
I made sugar cookies to use as favors...that yummy "Paradise Bakery" recipe!!
We had fresh lemonade, Italian soda and water bottles (coffee too) available.
It was fun to see Jenn open her gifts. I remember how fun it was to start my "grown up" life with my very own dishes!!
Jenn got pots and pans, a vacuum cleaner and lots of beautiful serving dishes...I can't wait to be invited over for dinner! {and I am so happy they will be living in Redding!}
Dottie and Carolyn {2 of my favorites} with the Bride-to-be.
Jenn's Aunt, cousin, Mom and 2 of her sisters.
Here are some of our camp girls that came. Leanne (uh, where are you in this picture by the way, Leanne??) and Shannon came over early and calmed me down from my FrEnZy. I love girls who just look around and DO what needs to be done without me even asking! Phew!! That's how we teach 'em up at good 'ole Lassen Pines!

It was fun to honor Jenn today. She will be a beautiful bride and a wonderful wife. She has been a godly influence on so many girls over the years at camp, including mine. It is a blessing to see how God is blessing her life with a wonderful man.

Love Sweet Love


Amy said...

OMG....I'm forewarning you....when my kids start getting married.....I'm calling on YOU to help me! Seriously girl, you have such a talent putting together beautiful parties!! Your attention to detail is amazing. Things like the little decorative water bottles.....a small touch that adds SO much!

Amy said...

Oh, and would you possibly be willing to share your sugar cookie recipe with me......please!

jennifer.dangc. said...

THANK YOU x 100000 for throwing this shower for me. You sure do know how to make someone feel special!! I am so blessed!! I love you!!

Donna said...

Inger, you are such a good entertainer!! SEriously, I think that is your spiritual gift:) Everything looked beautiful and you did such great details! I know the bride was thrilled!