Saturday, August 20, 2011

School Days....

We have spent the last week (since coming home from camp) getting Shae ready to go back to Liberty University for her sophomore year.  This time we needed Scott's help to fit everything into the suitcases! (how did THAT happen?!)
 We HAD TO have Shae's last meal at home...
 so I could make it official!
 Grandma and Papa joined us for one of Shae's favorites...
 Roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, corn on the cob and especially homemade rolls!
 Scott had to make one last "Dutch Baby" for breakfast too!
 Lindsay misses Shae so much while she is away, and this time she won't come home until CHRISTMAS! Ugh!
 We drove to Sacramento the day before, did some shopping, had a nice dinner and Lindsay was pooped out!
 The next morning we did the inevitable...we took Shae to the airport to fly across the country.  :(   We had planned to shop a little more that day, but when Scott started to pray for Shae in the airport, and his voice quivered, we ALL cried (except Lindsay who had her meltdown the next day when she realized Shae was gone!) and no one said much for a few miles until we all said we wanted to just go on doesn't get easier the second year. Yuck.
 This year we sent TWO Junior High girls off to schoool!  One seventh grader and one eighth grader!
 They were armed with personalized cups for each teacher wrapped in cellophane with an Erin Condren sticker. (I know where you can get some of these cups of your own for $ me!!!!)
 Shae took an arsenal of cups too.  The make great gifts for RA's. prayer leaders and  new roommates.  She took 18 cups to Liberty with her!
 Lindsay was thrilled to see her BFF Leslie and her favorite custodian, "Don-Don" when she got to school on the first day! 
 And Anna caught up with Michaela and Brook. (Anna's got her bag of cups for her teachers... (I hate that students don't bring gifts for the Jr. High and H.S teachers, so I always sent something with Shae and I will do the same for Anna!)
 We waited anxiously for this cute little Kindergartner to arrive for his first day! We are so glad that he is at Redding Christian.   It seems like we were just waiting at the hospital the night Austin was born and now he is in school,  How time flies!
I am so grateful that Anna can be in a Christian school.  My parents have graciously paid for Shae and Anna to attend Redding Christian each year and they would do the same for Lindsay if there was a place for her to go.  How thankful I am for parents who understand the importance of Christian education!

Here's to another school year, off and running!


Amy said...

Please don't say it doesn't get any easier the second year. I've been having a hard enough time as it is.....And I was at her dorm yesterday & will pick her up tomorrow after church for lunch at mom's & some shopping. She's just NOT AT HOME anymore. :-(

Kim said...

What a great post! Love the quote, the pictures and the cups! Please e-mail me with details. I saw Scott yesterday at the camp. Good to see him. Love your family : )