Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just Some Stuff We Miss

I am VERY happy to be back to the school routine this year.  We had a challenging summer.  But there are some things that I am beginning to miss a little.
 Friendships that are formed when friends come to work at camp from the other side of the country.
Anna and Emmaline had a great time together this summer!  We did manage to get off the mountain  a few times and do a little shopping AND EATING!
 Lindsay REALLY REALLY misses my parents when they return to Arizona with the rest of the snowbirds who "fly south" for the winter (this year we are going to go visit THEM!!)
 My Mom always had the most clever ways to keep Lindsay entertained, and teach her something in the meantime. Lindsay is now towering over my Mom in height, but still tries to sit on her lap.  I guess since she is so big now, that's why she puts her feet/legs on Grandma's lap!   My sweet Mama is 80 years old and you would NEVER know it!  I wish my parents lived next door. :(
 The "cousin visits" are such a special time for us.  I love love love that my girls know their cousins so well.  How thankful I am that they come each summer to spend a few weeks with us at camp.  It's hard having them live so far away (in the GREAT state of Texas!) but maybe they wouldn't pay attention to each other if we lived closer....
 Lindsay misses the beach at camp.  She has always loved to play in the sand.  Each week, when the new groups come in, there is usually a kid or two who kinda look at Lindsay for a little while and then they come and play with her.  Kids are cool that way...she's "different". Big deal.  I LOVE that. 
The WORST part of summer's Liberty girl leaves. Boo.

My friend Carolyn told me to be sure and read the excerpt from "Jesus Calling" the other's a little bit of what it said,

"ENTRUST YOUR LOVED ONES TO ME;  release them into My protective care,  They are much safer with Me than in your clinging hands.  If you let a loved one become an idol in your heart, you endanger that one-as well as yourself.................When you release your loved ones to Me, you are free to cling to My hand.  As you entrust others into My care, I am free to shower blessings on them.  My Presence will go with them wherever they go and I will give them rest.  This same Presence stays with you, as you relax and place your trust in Me.  Watch to see what I will do."


Kim said...

Great post (as always). The excerpt at the end from Jesus Calling, really hit home. Thanks!

Amy said...

Yep, I love that excerpt too. Do you mind if I snag it & use it on my blog?