Monday, September 12, 2011

I am still alive!

 Whew!  School is in full swing...and Jr. High is BUSY!  Anna started volleyball (she said she would never play volleyball, but here she IS, following in her big sister's footsteps!) and the schedule is grueling!
It has been HOT in Redding, I mean HOT.
 Last Friday Scott and I decided to go out to the lake since it was going to be 108 degrees!  Our poor kids were suffering in school, we were floating in the cool water, that's just how we roll.  Sorry girls.
 On the way back to the marina, Scott stopped the boat in the middle of Shasta Lake and took a little siesta.  I had my phone, so I checked my e mails and stalked my daughter on Facebook.
 We ate dinner at a pizza place that is right up the ramp from one of the marinas.  It was so fun NOT having to park the boat, get in the car and drive somewhere, and the pizza was GOOD!  On the way back to Bridge Bay we watched the sun set.  What a relaxing day!
 I LOVE weekends!  Scott always makes breakfast  who am i kidding, he makes breakfast every day and it is always something really good.  I am not a big breakfast lover, but I DO love these German Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream! (sorry Shae!)
 We went to check on the bees after breakfast.  The honey is ready to harvest!!
 And, on the home front, I finally put something on the blank wall at the side of my fireplace.  My Mom has been asking me if I want any of the furniture she has up at the apartment at camp and I finally decided I have room for some stuff.  I love love love this table! The chalkboard that Scott made for me this summer looks kinda cute there, but it is really just there until I figure out where to hang it.
 We have had this box for our entire marriage. 
We have been dragging it around with us from house to house for 24 years.  I adore it.  It says "Lynchburg, Va." on it..and that is where we met.  <3 presh.
It is perfect to hold blankets.  (which we might be using if our air conditioner had not broken on Saturday night at 8:00) nice.
 Another little piece I snagged from my Mom is this little chest of drawers.  It is very narrow and has 3 little drawers in it.  Perfect for all my candle holders and votives for the table.

The MOST important thing I have recently accomplished...
My "Cloffice" 
Scott made our hallway coat close into a little "office" for me.  It is directly across from our other hall closet that stores all the sheets, blankets, photo albums and kid movies.  Up until recently, it has really just been a dumping ground for me.
 It still has a little work to be done...the top shelf has all my paper and that is NOT convenient at all.  Scott is going to put a file cabinet under the counter top for me to move the paper into which will make it so much better.
(seriously, Brittney, Shannon and Shae, if you do NOT comment on this transformation, we can't be friends any more!)
 I have about 4,263 more spools of ribbon in my garage cabinet, but this Ikea shelf makes it easy to find what I am looking for. (and jars are just plain cute, but they are useful to hold scraps of said ribbon) 
(that is a picture of Miss Lindsay taking her very first steps after her brain injury. she was almost 3)
 And of course, my Erin Condren Life Planner, "special pens" and "Luff Week" tablet have a place of honor!
Here's to a better organized week! 
..........and a working air conditioner..........


samantha linton said...

hey i read your blog too!! haha :) jealous of you guys hanging out at the lake. love your new office space!

Kim said...

That cloffice is absolutely AMAZING! I am jealous!

Amy said...

The lake with your man sounds heavenly! And your new cloffice....LOVE it!

Dixie said...

Love your office space. I am considering doing that in my family room.

Jacquee said...

Your cloffice is awesome! What a great idea! Glad to know you're still alive. =0)