Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Delicious Autumn

I don't know if it is the over 100 degree temperatures or not, but. I had to just about force myself to decorate for Fall.  Weird.  Fall is my VERY favorite season, and this year my decorations are just, eh.  I hope I am out of the slump by Christmas.
One of the BEST gifts I have ever received is my "Luff" pumpkin, given to me by my adorable, crafty friend, Nikki in our annual Fall Swap.  She even told me how to make them! Ahhh, sharing friends are THE BEST!
My Woof 'n Poof pumpkins always make me happy.  Not to mention, the company is located just down the road from us, it's in Chico, California.   Gotta support those local businesses, right!?
My mantle is a work in progress....
Hello, new Woof 'n Poof owl!  Redding peeps, hurry up and go to "Sugar Plum Cottage" and check out their adorable Fall line! 
I have every.single. Susan Branch cookbook that has ever been printed. I am serious.  I use her wall calendar every year in my kitchen too.  Her pictures are just so happy and precious and her products make me feel all "homemaker-y". 
I am loving this table I got from my Mom a little bit more every day.  It is pretty scratched up but I feel like that just adds to it's charm.

These two and I have spent a lot of time together lately while Scott has been at camp.  Lindsay usually snubs Anna and me in the mornings because she is SO into Scott but, one morning she was all about giving Anna a "have a good day hug and kiss".  We'll take it when we can get it, right Anna?

"Delicious Autumn!
My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking successive Autumns."
George Eliot

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Jacquee said...

Yay! It's just how I imagined! =0) Your home looks beautiful, as usual. Happy Fall! (even if it's suppose to be 100 for the next few days)