Thursday, September 29, 2011

American Pride

 (Do you LOVE Pinterest as much as I do?  That is where I found this great quote!)

Last weekend the Airshow was in town.  The jets flew by for several days practicing for it and the flight pattern is over our house, so Lindsay and I watched the Thunderbirds (we totally "get" where their name came from!) from the backyard each afternoon.   That was as close as Lindsay wanted to be!
Anna, on the other hand, wanted to see the show close up!  Scott got in for free since he has his airplane in a hangar over at the Redding airport.
 Scott, Anna, Grandma and Papa spent the whole afternoon at the airshow on Saturday while I stayed at home. Scott was going back to the show on Sunday after church with his Dad, so I decided to go along while Lindsay went to Grandma's and Anna was over at Chloe's house.
 It was an amazing show!
 Brad and Austin came to watch too!
 Something about seeing those powerful jets flying in formation with patriotic music playing in the background just absolutely brings tears to your eyes.  I felt so PROUD to be an American and so THANKFUL for the military and their families for making America such a GREAT country.
 I was so glad I went!

God BLESS the USA!!
(and bring us back to You!)

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Amy said...

That's awesome! My sister & her pilot hubby got to go see the Blue Angels when they were in Lburg not too long ago. Her youngest boy LOVED them & says he's gonna be a Blue Angel pilot when he grows up. ;-)