Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Already?

 We have been treated to the most beautiful Fall weather, beautiful leaves on the trees and gorgeous sunsets this Fall in Redding, California!
 How thankful I am to our Creator for His constant gifts!
 Christmas is just around the corner, so a few weeks ago, Dottie and I went on our annual trek to the House of Design in Red Bluff to see all the beautiful Christmas inspiration!
 Once again, they did NOT disappoint!
 If only the little elves that work there could come to MY house....
 It's so fun to get ideas that you can use with things you already own too!

 This black white and red tree really impressed me this year.  It was so pretty!

 I am not much on the whole upside down tree thing though.  : /
 Why can't I get MY mantle to look like this!?  Oh that garland...*sigh*
 One of the reasons for my lack of posting on this here blog is right here:
 Scott and I have been so so busy making these crazy family signs.  He uses wood from up at camp that is so rough and ugly, and he transforms it into beautiful planks of perfect wood!  You should see the gigantic MESS in our garage after the wood has been through the planar a few times!  (luckily, none of my family members read this blog, or they would see their Christmas gifts!)
 Scott's parents and Anna went to Dallas for Thanksgiving this year.  (I am anxiously awaiting Anna's arrival home TODAY as I type this!  She flew back alone because Scott's mom got VERY sick and was in the hospital for 5 days and is still recovering from pneumonia, so she and Gordon are staying an extra week to be sure she is okay to travel)
After we dropped them off at the airport in Sacramento, we went shopping.  Oh Pottery Barn, how I love you!  Look how darling this Christmas "family room" set up is!
 I have asked my personal carpenter to create one of these box/tray things for MY OTTOMAN!   Since he has all that wood and the tools in the garage already and all, I think I might just get one!
 I am so proud of Anna for being so responsible and brave to fly home (changing planes twice!!) all by herself!  I can't wait to see her!
(this is Anna and Dottie on the day they left)

I have one tree up and decorated and the other one will be up this weekend, I mailed my Christmas cards today (although I think they are heinous....let's just say that I did NOT get what I ordered.  If you get one, ignore the cheesy-weird background behind the picture on the back...Hello...I took the picture outside with a great background on purpose, do NOT do something I did NOT ask for!

I will be back after I finish another bazillion cups and a couple more family signs!  I hope you are all enjoying this lovely season!  
Happy December!  (yikes!)

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Kim said...

Love the signs Inger and I need to order a few cups too. I will send you a message on fb! Sorry to hear that Dottie was sick but glad Anna is home again!