Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome Home Anna!

 It is SO GOOD to have Anna home after 10 days without her!  Lindsay and I were very very busy getting everything ready for the queen's arrival...
 "Pink Bear" (real original name, huh?) especially missed Anna.  They have been together for nearly 10 years!
 But, I think there was a little girl here who didn't realize how much she loves having her sister around...
 They, too, have been together for a long time!
 It was PRICELESS to watch Lindsay run to Anna and embrace her!
 I LOVE that my girls love each other.  Oh how I would LOVE to have a sister of my own!
 Anna had one request upon leaving for Texas.  She wanted the house to be Christmas-y when she got back home. 
Well, since it was just Scott, Lindsay and me all week, I had lots of time on my hands while Lindsay played blocks, magna-doodle, and colored as she watching various episodes of Dora, Diego and Brady Bunch.  I set off to work after my pilot-husband delivered all my Christmas boxes to the garage after going to get them at the hangar they share with the airplane.

 So, we are officially "Chritmas-y" around here.
 We even had a special dinner for the little queen when she got home last night.
 This little table is only temporary.  Tomorrow our family room tree will be in it's spot.

While I was organizing my "cloffice" this week, I came across some priceless artwork that I promptly framed and proudly put on display for the season!
 This one is by a darling first grader named 'Anna Fay Luff'...
(yes, Anna, His name IS Jesus!)
 and this one is by another first grader (different era) named Shae Marrin Luff. 
 The unbelievably precious signature on the back of this one made me almost want to frame it upside down.
 I have to admit, it DOES feel good to decorate early (I did it on Thanksgiving night while the Cowboys were playing!)
 And it felt EVEN BETTER to get all the gifts I have had hidden away out and wrapped!  Phew!
 Here is my newest it right off of the "House of Design's" black, red and white tree!  Now if I could just find some of that black and white plaid ribbon for next year...
Happy December 1st!  It's officially the Christmas season!

"And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins."

Matthew 1:21

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Grace Meeker said...

such a cute post Inger....I love the sign that's in Anna's room that you can see in the picture about pouting!! =) I'm still waiting to see pictures of the Texas tree!!!