Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

 Christmas morning 2011 was a little different this year.  I HAD TO WAKE MY CHILDREN UP!!!!
Once they were awake and ready, they opened their stockings,
 and began the (seemingly) loooooong wait for Grandma, Papa and Laurie to arrive.
 Once everyone had their place, and some had a cup of coffee, we were ready to open presents.
 It's always fun to see what everyone gets.  My favorite gifts are the well though-out and creative ones!
Laurie got some *sparkly* Sperry's!
 Anna got an unexpected iPhone! She doesn't even mind that it is the 3G version!  She is thrilled to be able to take pictures with it and listen to music on her phone now!
 Lindsay went shopping at the store her school had this year and was so so happy to buy each of us a gift.  She wanted to get her Aunt Laurie this pink piggy bank sooooo badly, but they were out of them when she was able to visit the store with her aide.  Lucky for us, the parent volunteer who was running the store is a friend of ours who adores Lindsay.  She went and got one of those pigs so Lindsay could buy it the next day!
Lindsay started "telling" me all about the pig as she was walking off the school bus that day, she was so happy!  BUT,  when she was standing at the top of the bus steps, she tossed her backpack to me and the bag with the pig came with it.....I was NOT even close to the bus yet, so that gift wrapped pig smashed into a million pieces!
Lindsay spent the next 10 minutes pacing around the house saying, "I feel so awful, I feel terrible, I feel so awful, why did I do that?"  (it was heartbreaking!)  
I called her school office and explained what had happened to the secretary and asked if there were any more pigs, she put me on hold and came back to say that there would be another pig at school the next day for Lindsay even though it had been the last day for the store!.  Phew.
That sweet Stephanie had gone to 3 different stores to find her one more pig! 
It came home wrapped in 2 layers of bubble wrap, wrapped in gift wrapping paper, in a box and covered in another layer of bubble wrap!
*the rest of us  were  a little jealous that it wasn't for us*
 The best thing Shae got was this cute sign from Anna! 
"Mirror, mirror
on the wall, 
Make him rich,
and make him tall!"
 Lindsay talks NON STOP about how she is "going to Enterprise High School next year" so Shae and I went over to Enterprise's student store and got her a T shirt and a sweatshirt!  She was so happy!  I really can't believe she is going to be in high school next year!
 Laurie made Anna this precious blanket....and it is so cozy!
(now to keep it out of Shae's suitcase!)
 I got the girls monogram necklaces, hoping they would like them.  They are so darling!  They have both worn them every single day since Christmas!
 The Christmas girls!
 After the boys had opened their presents at home with Brad and Beckie, they headed over to open the gifts we had for them and have breakfast with us.  Austin loved his "insects" that Laurie got him!
 Gavin didn't need another thing after he opened his new garbage truck!
 Brad enjoyed Austin's remote control car....
 And Beckie opened gifts for the new baby girl who is coming in March.
 We were all very hungry after all that action...
 So we all sat down to a yummy Christmas breakfast!
 Cream Cheese Coffee Cake (recipe to follow next week!)
 Fresh squeezed orange juice from the oranges off Papa's orange tree, an omelet bar (Scott does this with his staff at camp choose what you want in your omelet, put everything in a Styrofoam bowl with your name on the bottom then leave it by the stove.  When your name is called, your omelet is done!), diced grilled red and sweet potatoes and delicious french toast with fresh cinnamon whipped cream!
 Scott is a master in the kitchen!  He is so good at multi-tasking and he always cleans as he goes.  The bar is set pretty high for the future husbands of our daughters!
 Everything was so good!

 Lindsay was pretty worn out by all the excitement...and she LOVED the "Fur Real" kitty and puppy that Austin and Gavin got for Christmas.  They were very nice to let her hold them all morning (wish I had known about them, I would have told Santa to get her one too!)
 We ended the morning outside on a beautiful Christmas day watching two little boys riding their new bikes!
We are blessed, indeed!

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I LOVE their crocheted head bands! Did you make them??