Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

 This year we had Christmas Eve dinner over at Brad and Beckie's house!  It was fun to just get ready and BE INVITED somewhere to eat! Yay! 
 Some of us went "casual" and some chose the more "dressy" look! ha!
(I think Shae just likes wearing all the shorter dresses that she canNOT wear at Liberty!)
 When we got to B&B's house, Lindsay wasted no time finding "those boys"!
 Austin wasn't feeling very well, so he was relaxing on the couch watching a movie (relaxing, of course, UNTIL Lindsay's arrival!)
 Beckie made two kinds of soup, Chicken Tortilla (yummmmyyyy!!) and Minestrone.  She had sandwich fixin's too!  It was the perfect meal the night before a big ol' Christmas meal!
 We thanked the Lord for His goodness to us throughout the year...
 and enjoyed an evening of fun, family and friends!

 Lindsay had so much fun playing with Gavin's Garbage truck!  He "taught her" how to roll it back and forth to him. 

 When we got home, it was time to open the annual  matching Christmas pajamas...a much anticipated event. (they indulge me).
 But they always really DO like them, no matter how they act!

And I like it when I get MY way with pictures in said matching PJs.
(get used to it, ladies....when you get married, your husbands will be wearing them too!)

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