Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Night 2011

 Christmas Dinner is always a yummy event at Scott's parent's house.  They work for several days getting everything just right.  Dottie makes the most delicious stuffing ever! 
Her house is always absolutely perfect, and so beautifully decorated.  Her southern-ness really shines through!
 Laurie comes to visit during her Christmas vacation, and ends up working hard nearly the whole time. I, for one, appreciate the little touches she and her Mama put on everything.  She is amazingly talented and can make something from the dollar store look like it came from Neiman Marcus!
 The table was gorgeous, as usual!
 There was even a special table for two special little boys!
 They settled in nicely to eat their yummy dinner too!
 It was a huge spread of food, as usual! :) And we always eat on "Old Country Roses" china!  I love that, because I don't even have china!  We southern California raised girls don't know about registering for that kind of thing when we are getting married! (But I do now, almost 25 years later!)
 The dessert table is always a big temptation!
 We ALWAYS sing happy birthday to Jesus, the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
(I was looking at these pictures and I think Dottie's house photographs so beautifully!)
 Brad spent the better part of the evening working on a Lego project!  Next year I guess he will be putting together a doll house!!
 My college girl has less than 2 weeks left at home.  Boo!  I have loved having a gym partner!
And the sisters have enjoyed having her here too!

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Kim said...

Wonderful Christmas memories! Thank you for sharing them Inger!