Monday, June 24, 2013

Afternoon Cruises With Lindsay

 You would think there are too many things to do at a camp to fit into a day.  You really would.  But, if you are Lindsay Luff, you need someone to 'help' you do ALL of those things. Well, guess WHO that person is for Lindsay....yep, it's me.
We have our little routine, the same one we have had for many years. 
When Lindsay wakes up, she makes a beeline to MY bed where we lay and talk for close to an hour, usually.  She has many important things to discuss, of course.
When she finally thinks she is ready, we get dressed and head over to my Mom and Dad's little apartment where Lindsay eats breakfast ( since we NEVER make it in time to eat in the dining room)and watches a little PBS while Grandma waits on her hand and foot, and picks up all the scraps of paper that Lindsay has been cutting...with know, 'cause Grandma is cool like that and lets her use them!
 After lunch ,( if it is warm enough) we head to the lake and Lindsay plays FOR-E-VER in the sand (and usually talks a few staff kids into helping her build a sand castle) She even swims in the frigid water!
 After a warm bath and some nice clean clothes, we head out to find the golf cart, load up, and take our daily tour around the 45 acres of camp.  It's a great time killer before dinner.  My mom will sometimes join us on our rides and Lindsay LOVES that!
 We visit the tractor,
 Go out near the sign to check for deer,
 and just drive wherever we think we want to go!
 I love to check the water  at Bailey Creek, but Lindsay does NOT like it when we drive up too close!
 WE check the tent, and peek inside to see if the group had a cute decorative theme that week.  Some of our groups really out-do themselves!
 We love to drive up next to the upper (fishing) lake to look at the ginormous toads...YUCK! We ALWAYS scream when they hop unexpectedly as I am trying to point them out to Lindsay.  Then we laugh hysterically at our "jumpiness".

All these things are fun, but the thing she loves the BEST is going "Trash Pickin' with her grandpa! They get their gloves on and collect all the empty soda cans that the campers have thrown away!
(I tried doing it one's gross. I was POSITIVE I could earn enough money to buy a Louis Vuitton bag....I happily drove "down the hill" with a truckload of hard work...and when the guy at the recycling center gave me $47.25 I promptly retired.)
It has not been warm enough at camp for too many swimming days, and right now we are having stormy weather at Lindsay and I are spending a few days at home.  We hit the mall, bought flip flops and even got a few school clothes! She is good company and last night as I was praying for all my girls, I thanked God that he saw fit to give me this very "special" blessing.
Life would not be the same without this girl.