Saturday, January 31, 2009

Austin Jeffrey's Play Date

Scott doesn't EVER say that he wishes we had a boy, he really is a wonderful Dad to girls! But, I know that he would have LOVED to have a little guy to take hunting, fishing,riding out on the boat and especially now,flying! I was at Beckie's (my SIL) house yesterday having lunch with my 2 favorite little boys and my mother-in-law (while the cute boys' Mommy was teaching school) when in walks my see if Austin wanted to go "work on the plane" with him. It took about 2 seconds for the reply to be "that be sooo fun!" So off they went, boy and his uncle.
Is Scott a great "blogger's husband", or what? I can't believe he waited for me to give him the camera!
This boy is ALL ABOUT buttons, cords and especially finding out how everything works!!
This was Scott's attempt at getting Austin out on the wing to take a picture, he WAS NOT getting too far out there, because he KNEW it would be time to go.
Scott called me about 6 times asking how he was going to get Austin to leave the plane...he said he would start crying when he told him it was time to go. Dottie and I howled with laughter with each phone call because Mr. Discipline--er himself seemed to be a softie! H-I-larious! I just told him to say that they were going to get ice cream or something but can you believe he actually wanted me to come get him!? (yeah, right, like I am going to be the bad guy, suck it up, buddy and practice what you preach!)
Austin didn't want ice cream, candy, gum or Scott had to pull out an old stand-by "Oh no, Austin, the man is going to come and lock the gate and we won't be able to get out!" With that, Austin hopped right into Uncle Scott's truck and home he came, tuckered out and ready for a nap!

I am glad Scott has a boy to borrow from time to time, 'cause we Luff girls are all about flying to the mall!! (Brad and Beckie, thanks for having boys! We LOOOVVVEEE them!!)
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Kim said...

What a great post and how cool that Austin has such a great uncle in Scott. That is a gift beyond measure.

Donna said...

Wow! Scott is a good blogging husband to take pictures! My husband would have laughed if I asked him to take pics for my blog:) He's a good unlce, too.
I bet Austin loved having his uncle all to himself!

Denise said...

VEry cute post! And yes, kudos two your hubby for taking pictures for you! And no worries, he will get boys one day--my dad did! Son in laws and grand sons!

LauraB172 said...
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LauraB172 said...

Inger Inger Bo Binger -
What fun for Austin! ( Although we both know Scott had every bit as much fun being out there as his starry-eyed nephew!) Jesse will be jealous -- he already left Scott a message asking if he could come over to 'play with the new toy'. Scott did great with taking the pics for you -- Jesse would do the same. We're so blessed!

Jennifer said...

That little boy is SO CUTE! Something about him reminds me of Max around that age. And I tell you what, that Scott scores some points with the blogger gals again! :)

Windsor said...

Hi Inger - I am your new blog swap giver! I just want to let you know that I have your gift ready to go, but need your address. Can you send it to me at wdbauders at comcast dot net? Once I get the address I will send it out! Thanks. Love the post!

Dolly said...

What a cute post and a cute little guy! I bet your man had fun with him and it's funny that after raising (well, almost raising) his girls, he wanted YOU to help be the bad guy with Austin. Funny! He's a good hubby for sure taking pictures.

Shannon said...

What cute pictures!

The noise on the hardwood floors is not bad at all! I actually haven't noticed a difference at all-except when I'm wearing heels! :)

Kristi said...

Yes, your husband is a great sport and I'm sure won the "Uncle of the Year Award"

Beckie Luff said...

okay - I finally have some time to write something! Both the boys were in bed by 6:40 tonight - they were soo tired!

Anyway, I LOVE all the pics! I will definitely have to scrap a cute layout of this! I can tell Austin is so tired in them though! Scott earned MAJOR points that day with Austin and me too!!!! My Dad would be so proud and appreciative! I wish I could show him these pics!
It was so funny reading your post - and you crack me up as well! I can hear Austin saying "that be sooo fun!" and now I understand why he keeps talking about "that man locking the door"!!!! I may have to resort to using that line a few times!

Thanks to Scott for making his nephew's day and to you for posting this!