Friday, January 23, 2009

Lemon Cookies

We have had the most beautiful weather these last few weeks. Every day has been at least 70 degrees. Not exactly wintery, but look at the lemons that have grown on our lemon tree!!

There are sooo many lemons that I had to think of something new to make with them, so I found a great lemon cookie recipe!
1 stick of butter
1 1/4 cups sugar
grated peel of 2 lemons
1T lemon juice
1 egg
1 1/2 cups flour
1/4 t baking soda
1/4 t salt
Beat butter, sugar, lemon peel and juice until fluffy. Add eggs and beat until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Drop onto cookie sheet and bake at 350*.
Lemony Deliciousness!!!*
*Our dear friend, Tom Darnell in North Carolina (he comes out to volunteer at our camp every summer-Lindsay adores him) just called to remind me that we have those wonderful lemons because of the hard work of the bees in Scott's new bee hive! Tom gave Scott the "Honey Bee Fever" and got him all set up last summer at camp, but the buzzers are now living in our back yard. (and they mind their own business!) So look for some yummy "Luff Honey" next Chrstimas! Thankyou so much Tom! (Anna aka "moneybags" can't wait for you to come back and help her get that honey in jars and "sellable"!!)
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jennifer.dangc. said...

Inger! just letting you know i'm extremely jealous of the 70 degree weather you guys have been getting!!!

Rachel said...

Oh YUMMY!!! Great now I'm craving lemon cookies! Love new recipe's thanks so much for sharing.

Kim said...

Those cookies look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Jessica said...

I have a ginormous lemon tree as well, thanks for the recipe.

Denise said...

Yummy! Thanks for the recipe! I'm gonna try them.

It has been nice here too. So nice my parents are coming for a visit in a couple weeks! Yippee!

Donna said...

Awww, man! I want to reach in the screen and grab one of those cookie! I love lemons and I love cookies. Great combo. I'm going to try these soon. I'm jealous of your lemon tree! How cool is that?!

The Masked Mommy said...

Wow, the pictures of your lemon tree are beautiful! I wish it were 70 degrees here! :-)