Sunday, January 11, 2009

We {{HEART}} Hand-me-downs!!

Being an only child I have always longed for hand-me-downs! I had a best friend growing up , she had 2 sisters and a brother. She was soooo lucky because she would have bags of clothes passed onto her from her older sister. How cool. (Sharon DID NOT think this was cool!) I still think hand me downs are sooo cool! (But we have the first 3 children of all Scott's siblings! )Bummer because the younger cousins are {stylish}. Well, at some point all dreams must come true I guess...because Scott's brother Barry and his wife, Stephanie gave us a great hand-me-down last year-a 2005 black Ford Expedition limited edition (with a tv/dvd player!) Can you believe it?? That was a little over a year ago. We just received another hand-me-down from them yesterday! What a beautiful evening to be outside in the cool crisp air!
What a beautiful view of Mt. Lassen (where our camp is!)What a sight to see this airplane on final approach onto "3-4" at the Redding airport!

and what a gooood-looookin pilot it is that now owns that "schweeeeeet"airplane! Welcome to your new home "344tx"!

Many observers came out to watch the historic landing...even Shae snuck away from a class project to watch the perfect, smooth landing.

Everyone was excited to hear the familiar voice call in to the tower to be cleared for landing!

Thankyou Barry and Steph fro making this Big Boy's dream come true!

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Kim said...

So exciting Inger on both "hand me downs". My hubby will be a bit jealous though over the plane. He is a pilot but hasn't flown in about 15 years. :-(

Momofgirls said...

Well tell Les to give Scott a call and I am sure he would be glad to take the plane arm twisting necessary!

Kristi said...

Well, I can add to this post because Stephanie gave me some hand-me-downs yesterday. She gave Olivia a Little Tikes play fort/slide and some clothes. I went to her house for the first time.....MY GRACIOUS!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I think your hand-me-downs from Barry and Stephanie are PHENOMENAL!!!! I have never known of anyone who got a hand-me-down plane.

Momofgirls said...

Kristi...I wonder if I could get the Pheasant Hill hand me down if we promised to move to Tx.????
They have a beautiful home, fun pool and how about that upstairs??!! The best thing is that they LOVE passing things along! I bet Olivia will be cute as a button with Averi Grace's hand me downs! Have fun with the fort!

Denise said...

Very nice! Hand me downs are great! Happy for you and your husband!

Nikki said...

WHOA! Those are not your everyday hand me downs! That is so kind of them and I know your hubby must be so excited.

By the way, I love it when you mention Mt Lassen. I have such good memories growing up there and playing all over the camp. Are the covered wagon cabins still there? GOOD MEMORIES! Although it seems to have changed alot, you seem to have shopping and activity options now. It was in the middle of nowhere when we lived there. do you have to drive and hour to get to school?

Momofgirls said...

Nikki, we actually live IN is a 45 minute drive and there is still nothing around up there! However, Redding now has a Macy's in our mall (American Eagle, Buckle, Bath and Body, Old Navy) I have to say our mall is MUCH better than the River Ridge Mall! Redding has grown a lot even since we moved here! There is a huge softball park, there are people painted in the fake stands and when Scott went to play the first time there he kinda freaked out and said "Oh my gosh, there are THAT many people here to watch?" We have a cool soccer park too!

Come back to visit!

Oh and the covered wagons are gone, there are teepees instead.If you google Lassen Pines Retreat Center I think the realtor has pictures there!

Jennifer said...

Wow, and I thought I was the bomb because of a sister who got me in a Dallas Cowboys suite! HA HA

A plane...are you kidding me??? Oh, and a car too??? That's a serious good brother. What a gorgeous night it was too!

LauraB172 said...

I CANNOT think of a more deserving couple to merit such grand hand-me-downs. Kudos to the generous brother (and family)who realize, as you and Scott do, that "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." I am ridiculously happy for you and the blessings that God keeps dumping on you and your family. How awesome is our God that when we mourn the loss of a small treasure that was hoped and saved for (BOOO to the purse thieves!!), He gives you an AIRPLANE as just a HINT of how great His desire is to supply all your needs and bless you beyond what you can think asking for!?!? Yeah, our God is like that. ( In the excitement of all this, something has just occurred to me --- maybe this is the time that God has chosen to ELIMINATE your fears about flying, so you can fully enjoy what He has given you ..... Imagine--you can calmly sit RIGHT NEXT TO your blissfull hubby while he is soaring towards the malls in Texas, where all the adorable unique monogrammed items are on clearance!!!) Anyway, I wish I knew how to embed a little audio "YEEHAW" right here -- it just seems to fit. Big hugs to you and your family ( can you say BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!!??? ) Have a great day! ;o)

Dolly said...

WOW! That's really cool! I bet your husband felt so good flying in with his loving family below waiting and watching. The night was a perfect one for flying too! Hand me downs are great when you have givers in your family. I love getting them from my sisters.

Donna said...

Wow! What a generous brother!! I know you are all very happy, especially your husband!!!