Monday, January 19, 2009

Spirit Week, Homecoming and a Princess

Spirit Week at Shae's school is always so much fun, creative and exhausting! Each day there is a theme for dressing up and points are awarded for costumes and various games. Shae and some of her friends were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (complete with trashcan lid shells) for "group"day.

"Tech" day brought out lots of nerds, i phones and ipods!
Disney day was Hannah Montana for Shae (easy to do at our house...we have "Anna Montana" living here!) and Pocahontas for Rachael.
Th week ended with and exciting homecoming basketball game and a beautiful homecoming court with a Prince and Princess from each class and 4 each for the senior class.
Shae was chosen as the Junior class princess along with Andrew Baxter as the prince. Here are the Class of 2010 homecoming court couples from Freshmen year, sophomore year and this year!
The upperclassmen Princesses...and a beautiful sunset!
There is always a silly picture when these 2 get together! Jessica graduates this year, I don't know what Shae will do without her next year! (They have been together since the nursery at church!!)

Grandma and Papa Luff enjoyed the evening. Homecoming at Redding Christian is very sweet. As the couples walk toward the stage, a small biography is read about each student, stating their favorite Bible verse, their GPA , future plans and christian service they have been involved in. Papa was especially proud to hear " Lassen Pines Retreat Center" at the top of Shae's favorite things to be involved in!
Dad and his princess!
We are very proud of the young lady Shae is becoming and pray that she will always have a heart after The Lord and seek His will in all that she does. What an honor to be chosen by your peers to represent your class because of your character. What an honor to be her parents!
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Denise said...

Ahhhh Spirit Week! Memories! Shae looks like she is having so much fun! Congrats to the princess and her very proud parents and grand parents!

Kim said...

I remember those spirit week days when Tyler was at RCS in his 8th grade year. It was wonderful for him. I enjoyed all the pictures and Shae looked amazingly beautiful!

Sit A Spell said...

Just wanted to say "hello" as a good southern gal does...saw your post on a southern post.

You sure were brave to go up in that tiny plane! Prayer is a wonderful thing!

Wonderful picture of hubby and daughter!

Nikki said...

Go Shae! She looks beautiful and her dress was definately the best! Lover the TMNT! That is one of my sons favorites.

Again...good memories for me of old Redding. I went to that same school when I was a little girl (I think) Only we lived at the camp, so we had to drive an hour to school every day and an hour home! Why didnt my parents live in town like you guys do???

Melissa said...

Shae looks so pretty but I have to say that my favorite pic is the 'tech day' one! So funny! What a fun time...they look like they went all out!

kari and kijsa said...

Just catching up on our blogging...stopping by to say hello!
kari & kijsa