Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Anna took me for a ride in the lifeguard boat last weekend to see all the huge, nasty bullfrogs.
Here are Anna and cousin Hannah spotring their custom made aprons (the same ones we made for the kitchen and dining room staff, theirs were black though.)
Aunt Laurie was here with the Texas cousins for 3 weeks.(she is Scott's sister, the aunt to the cousins too..the parents were on a well deserved 20 year anniversary trip). It is always a highlight of summer for my girls...and we love knowing that our kids will always know each other because of the effort! (thanks Brian and Lisa for letting us have your kids for 3 weeks, we know you were missing them by the end!)
Here is Shae with her Uncle Brad (Scott's youngest bro). Shae adores him and loves it when he comes up to camp...they make a great volleyball duo too!
Here are Jenn and Shae wearing two of the darling aprons we have been doing this summer. I tried to tell them how dorky the boots are...but it doesn't help when everyone else thinks they look cute~yee haw! (yep, Shae is one tall drink of water...5'10" in case you were wondering!)
It is no wonder Lindsay loves camp so much :)

*We have a bear getting into our dumpster every night! Lots of people have seen him, and we are determined to get a picture of him...I will post it if someone succeeds!!!


jday said...

LOVE the apron Shae and Jenn are wearing! So, you are a seamstress as well as a crafty lady? Very impressive!

Julie said...

I love the aprons the girls are wearing, but of course I love the ones with the cupcakes and names on them (and the pink shirts)!! I hope you get a picture of the bear. I would love to see it!!!!

Melissa said...

Hi Inger, I read that you are up at camp all summer but, I was hoping that you would stop by the store if you are in town. We are closing and (don't know if you remember this) you were our very first customer! Aaaww, good memory! OK, just wanted you to know!