Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lindsay's Stroller

A few years ago it became difficult to take Lindsay anywhere. She had outgrown a regular stroller which made it hard to take her along. She wanders off and has even gotten lost in Downtown Disney!!
We have a local organization that funds things for children with special needs. Lindsay goes to physical therapy there and we borrowed a "stroller" one time when we went to Disneyland...and it was awesome! (seriously, it opened up a whole new world for us!) Lindsay tires easily and since she doesn't see well, she runs into things ( like poles, doors, etc.), so it is wonderful to have a stroller for her.
The first one they bought us was Lindsay's favorite color PURPLE (she was able to choose, Anna is sitting in it in the picture). She just outgrew it, so they ordered us a new one! Lindsay surprised us all and chose "Raspberry" !!! It is a little more "special" looking because of its size but Anna said "who cares Mom, we can take Lindsay and keep her strapped in!" (out of the mouths of babes...) We just picked the new stroller up, and Lindsay was thrilled! We are so thankful for the organizations that provide services and equipment for these precious kids. What a difference they make in the lives of the families as well! (Now, if Obama would figure out a way to get California out of debt without messing with these organizations!!)
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Donna said...

Wow! I wish they made strollers for tired Moms. I would definitely buy one!

How nice that you are able to get these strollers for her. I know it is great when you go to busy places:)

Julie said...

What a blessing for Lindsay and ya'll to have that stroller. Nice color, Lindsay!!

Dolly said...

This is great that you have a stroller for her. I never thought about it but I guess it WOULD be easier to have a stroller. I love the color she chose too! Lindsay has some good taste and I love Anna's spunk!

Kristi said...

You are a good mommy, Inger...Lindsey is lucky to have you.