Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still Here

Redding has had 110 degree temperatures this week! It is so nice to head "up the mountain" where it is 10-15 degrees cooler (but no AC!!). This is the view just before you turn into the parking lot at Lassen Pines!The snow on Mt. Lassen is just about all gone, but it is still a spectacular sight.

And, so you don't think it is ONLY fun and games around here, here is Anna crocheting with Leanne, one of our kitchen girls.

and here is Lindsay Leigh serving ice cream at dinner...

gotta earn our keep around here!
I have been busy with LOTS of projects too..all the kitchen and dining room girls got aprons with their names embroidered on them along with a cupcake applique, the girls all made pendant necklaces when my dear friend Jennifer Beaver came up, cuuuute aprons, banners, bracelets and frames have also been finished! I am almost finished with teacher gifts for 09/10! Yippee!!

I keep telling everyone to call me "Proverbs 31", "P31" for short, but it hasn't caught on yet!
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Kim said...

I'll call you P31. It's true :-)

jday said...

I'm impressed that you've already made your teacher gifts! I have my idea file ready and a few things bought and set to the side, but I haven't even thought about starting to work on them! I'm too busy doing other stuff right now. Good for you!!

Donna said...

You've already made your teacher gifts and I bet you don't even know the teachers' names yet!!! Inger, you are on the Ball!!!

LOL at having people all you P31:) That's funny!

Julie said...

Hey P31! :) Sounds like you are having a wonderful and productive summer. You certainly deserve it!!! I still want to come up with Romona and Michael sometime.