Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cousin Camp '09

We got a new toy for the lake this year...a water trampoline with extra toys attached. Here is one of the staff kids showing the other kids how to run across. This is the most hilarious thing to watch people try!!!
Austin has had a ball with the Texans. He LOVES hanging out with the big kids, especially when they catch frogs or snakes!
This is Jackson, he is one busy boy! Isn't he soooo cute??

The boys taking over control of the trampoline.
This is a giant floatie. It has been the most popular thing to do at the lake this even beats the water slide!! It holds 15 people!
Scott "blobbing" Shae.
We used to have a huge blob, but this year we are opting for the mini version, which has been almost as fun and less scary.
My wimpy girls always hold their noses when going into the water. {just like me}
IT looks like Shae is torturing Cooper, but the truth is that this is PAYBACK! The girls were laying on the float and the BOYS swam over with a bucket FULL of {nasty, huge} polliwogs and dumped it on them!!! Ewww! You should have heard the screaming!
Jackson is a Gutter Ball champ! {Grandma has played LOTS of gutterball this week too!!}
Here are the rowdy kids in the dining room.
This year Gavin has really enjoyed camp! He is a big one year old now. He loves the water and the sand doesn't bother him either. I think his Mommy and Daddy will be coming up to camp more often this summer!

We have had a fun time so far, but we sure miss Brady and Averi!
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Kristi said...

Inger, it was good seeing a picture of Laurie. I went to GCA with Laurie. She was in my class. How is she doing? Tell her Kristi Carr said hello.

It looks like you all have a BLAST!!!! I'm jealous just reading all these fun posts.

Dolly said...

I love reading these camp posts and feel like I'm there with you all. Camp days are the best with the best memories. I'm glad you're capturing them all for your blog!