Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun Weekend

Well, I made it! I was not one bit nervous either! We had a smooth flight both ways, just a little hot. Sacramento was a whopping 109! UGH! Good thing we took off early both days! Scott is a very good, safe pilot. He has the nicest laminated checklists that he designed himself that I am sure he could make a living selling to other private pilots! (He is a list-making, color coding, organized guy in every area of his life!) Here he is in the "crew lounge" at the Sacramento Jet Center getting a briefing. There were nice recliners, a big screen TV, bedrooms with nice clean beds, bathrooms with showers and a kitchen with warm cookies! When we landed, a guy on a golf cart came to pick us up after rolling out a red carpet next to the airplane! They had our rental car parked right outside too. This must be the way the big stars live!
When we got back to the Sacramento Jet Center Scott wanted me to walk in a different door than him...I had a HUGE, obnoxious blue Ikea bag full of my purchases....he was embarrassed!!

We ate at Ruth's Chris. It was delicious, as usual, but our service was poor! (The waiter at the table next to us was so sweet to notice and he did most of the work!!)

The beautiful Sacramento Valley and the Sacramento River.

Pre-flight checklist. I was really impressed by Scott's skill on the radio with all the towers. I don't know how they keep all the directions straight, those guys talk so fast! Scott rattled the directions right back just as fast. I think I will fly with him more now that I am getting used to it. We had smooth air and perfect landings! Next trip...Mendocino!

Back home in Redding, safe and sound...Thank you, Lord!


Julie said...

What fun, Inger! I remember when Bob and I were engaged (and he was a flight instructor) and he took me up in a little airplane that he rented. I had never flown before, and I was soooooo scared!! Can't even remember if it was fun because I was so scared.

Dolly said...

That sounds so fun and so romantic! I love the picture of the two of you. It's a great one. It would take me a while to build my courage up to fly like that but I'm sure once you did, you realized how fun and cool it is to be able to just jump in the plane and go somewhere. And Ruth's Chris? YUMMY! What a man!

Donna said...

That IS romantic!! I bet it was fun to see your man fly the plane and talk to the air traffic control!! Woohoo!!

Happy late Anniversary:)