Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anna's Flowers

Anna had a fun 10th birthday! It started out with the most wonderful surprise from our North Carolina friend, Tom. He sent Anna her very first "delivered" flowers! They were wrapped so nicely and were so fresh and beautiful! It is so nice to have fresh flowers on the table when we come into the dining room! Thankyou Tom for making Anna feel so special. (she can't wait for you to come help her get her "honey" business up and running again...and Shae may try to get a piece of the action too, since she saw all the money Anna was raking in!)
We decorated the best we could in the camp dining room!

We are lucky enough to have all four grandparents with us every summer at camp. How many kids get to spend all summer with four people spoiling them?
It was a fun day for a special 10 year old.

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RootsAndWingsCo said...

I'm not sure how I got to your sight. However, I have just spent the last hour perusing your blog and finding out all about your family. You all just pulled me right in! I am impressed by how much love seems to be in every post. I am jealous of the awesome way you spend your summers (a camp, with all parents, the whole family, serving others, etc)! Sounds like a dream, and seems like your whole family deserves it!