Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lassen Pines

I thought some of you would enjoy a few pictures of camp. We are beginning our 20th summer at Lassen Pines. It is hard to believe we have done this for that many summers. There have been thousands of decisions made for Christ during the summers here.This is the main lodge. This is where we have 2 bedrooms upstairs.
This building is where there are some guest rooms, nurses station, boys dorms and a meeting room upstairs.

The beach has wonderful sand all the way into the water. This volleyball court gets lots of action! In another week this place will be buzzing with teenagers and lots of noise!

The road that leads to the go-kart track, and more housing.

The Raw-hides

This is taken from the cabins looking toward the Rec Hall. The Rec Hall is where my parents have an apartment upstairs. (Lindsay LOVES to go there and play, and Anna has a playroom on the 3rd floor of the apartment)

Looking at the upper lake from the field.

Here is the little bell ringer, telling everyone it is time to eat dinner.

I will take more pictures as the summer progresses. We are busy with the staff and preparing for our first group of campers. Our prayer is that God will move in this place and touch the lives of many. How blessed we are to have been involved in such a great ministry for so many years.

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Kate~ said...

Inger these pictures of Camp bring back so many memories. I miss the smell of camp. You know when you wake up at 6am and its cold and you smell fresh pine trees, the dew is on the grass, and the morning birds are already up! Walk into the dining room and is quite and then by 10am its warm and your ready to shed that I'll be coming out soon!

Jennifer said...

Once again, I'm catching up on your posts. Let me first say that I loved reading about Lindsay and Anna. I didn't realize the connection between the dates of Lindsay getting sick and Anna being born...what a gift from God. You know, I've read recent blogs about things happening to children where their lives are forever altered and have wondered how parents deal with that. Well, I still don't know exactly how you dealt with it, but I do know it has made you and your husband wonderful parents...what a gift to Lindsay and to your other children. rock!!! :)

Oh, and the camp is beautiful! What a great place and what a great ministry you have. Have a great summer!

Dolly said...

What a beautiful place to go to camp! Thanks for taking pictures. I don't know if you ever saw the old Parent Trap movie with Haley Mills but this camp TOTALLY reminds me of the camp they went to on that movie. I am whistling the camp song now. :) That's so exciting that you ALL are part of such a great ministry and I pray you have a blessed summer.

Kim said...

I too have many fond memories of summer camp at Lassen Pines. It is the one and only camp I ever attended as a child! I loved the walk down memory lane and am so glad you shared.

Kristi said...

What a beautiful place, Inger. Thanks for sharing the pictures. What neat memories your kids will have growing up spending their summers in a place like that with all their family and surrounded by kids being touched by God. HOw neat is that!

Nikki said...

Oh the memories these pictures brought back for me. We had the best time growing up at the camp. It was a childs DREAM! We lived in a house that was just about a mile down the road and we would always walk through the woods to the camp everyday. My mom would tell us to sing the whole time so that hunters wouldnt accidentaly shoot funny is that! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Christy said...

Oh Inger, these pics made me SMILE!! I have the BEST memories from working @ Lassen Pines. I miss it so much and would LOVE to come back to visit!! Miss you all.