Saturday, June 27, 2009

22 Years of Wedded Bliss

22 years ago today, I made the second most important decision of my life...I married the man God picked out just for me!! (the first was asking Jesus to be my Lord!) What a blessing to be travelling this journey of life with a man who has taken such wonderful care of me! He has to be one of the most patient people God has ever created.
Scott, I love so many things about you, here are just a few:
Your desire to do right and be Godly
Your character
Your loyalty to those you love
Your unbelievable patience
The way you LOVE your girls
How your girls LOVE you!
How you make me feel good about myself at just the right time with a sweet note (and I have saved them all!)
The way you take care of so many people with such a tender heart
Your wisdom
How you don't say things that you might later regret
Your hilarious quotes and examples during various "pep-talks" (right, Shae?)
Your work ethic and leadership skills
The way you smell (and Lindsay would totally agree!)
I love how you don't quit when things are not easy (ministry, a brain injured child, money, etc)
Like Lindsay says, "You are a good man, Daddy!" (and you know she is a good judge of character!)
Happy Anniversary, thank you for the way you have loved us and taken care of us!!

It was fun getting "off the mountain" today. What could be more relaxing than a day at Shasta Lake? I am looking forward to our flight to Sacramento tomorrow, I promise not to be nervous! Thanks for taking time to spend the weekend with ME during your busiest time of year. I love you and I am glad we found each other at Liberty University 26 years ago! (ugh, doesn't that sound like we are old or something?!)

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jday said...

Happy Anniversary, Luffs! Wow-22 years...
Good old LU! That's where I met my man, too!!

Julie said...

Congratulations Scott and Inger on 22 years. Agreed with all you said about Scott, and I know he could say a multitude of things about you. Happy Anniversary!!

Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary. You both look so cute in that picture. Have fun celebrating!

Windsor said...

What a big accomplishment in these days and times! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

chloesgram said...

Perfect means are the perfect family. Chloe' and I love being a part---(even under the faux label:-)

The Beaverette said...

Congratulations beautiful girl! I love it when your happiness reads load and clear on your blogs! He is a good man, a good man for an excellant woman. See you soon!

Donna said...

Wow! I was 7 when y'all got married!! Okay, I"m just rubbing it in:) That was a sweet post, Inger. You and Scott are very blessed to have each other!