Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 12th

June 12th is a precious day to our family.

Our Lindsay started out in this life as a normal, healthy, beautiful baby on October 6, 1997( after a 4 year struggle with miscarriages, we were so happy!). On June 12, 1998, when she was 8 months old ,she was taken by ambulance from my pediatrician's office to the hospital. She was flown from Redding to Sacramento to see a pediatric cardiologist because her heart was double its normal size due to a virus that had attacked it. Her heart failed in the ambulance ride from the airport in Sacramento to the hospital (while her Daddy was riding with her watching helplessly as they performed CPR for 10 minutes). After 3 weeks in the hospital and too many events to mention, she was left with a permanent brain injury. The daughter we knew would never be the same again.Here she is just a few days before she got sick. (sorry I did not know how to flip this picture and it is a "picture of a picture" because I am at camp and don't have a scanner...look at little Shae!!)

Here is Lindsay while she was at Sutter Memorial Hospital. This picture brings back the flood of emotion I felt during those first days. How blessed we are to know a God who sustains us in our hardest times. How do people who don't believe in Him get through life's trials?? We could literally feel His presence the whole time Lindsay was hospitalized.

Precious girl.

Lindsay has had to overcome so many things in her development. One of the most horrible was having to wear a patch over her stronger eye to help the weaker eye improve. This was torture for us. She would take it off and her skin would be so torn up. Here she is during one of her physical therapy sessions.

Every cloud has a silver lining they say...and our dark days are over!! We LOVE and accept her how she is (and we believe God intended her to be all along in His plan). She is such a sweet, happy loving girl. Everyone that works with her or knows her just falls in love with her.

What a sweet day to walk her to school, and have her come home so excited!

Yes, Lindsay, you have come such a long way. Who would have ever thought that you would jump off a boat into the water!!

We are so glad you are YOU!

June 12, 1999

One year to the day after Lindsay's incident Miss Anna Fay Luff was born!

After 3 miscarriages between Shae and Lindsay WHO KNEW this could happen...much less on the very date that had so tragically rocked our world!

The nurses in the delivery room that day were crying and telling me that now June 12th would be a happy memory.

They were absolutely right!

Anna, I COULD NOT make it without you! You have been Lindsay's constant companion, speech therapist, nurse, bedtime story reading, diaper-changing, golf cart chauffeur and so many other things there is not enough room to list them all! You deserve most of the credit for how far she has been able to come!

You are an amazing girl. God knew you were just what Lindsay needed! I think He palnned all along for you to be born 2 weeks early so you would be our June 12th surprise! I know He has many rewards in store for you! You are the very best "Little"sister anyone could ever hope for!

We love you so much! Thanks for making June 12th a VERY happy memory!

Happy 10th Birthday to my Anna Banana the Rodeo Queen!
(nickname provided by Bill Kramer)

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Dolly said...

Wow! I'm just catching up on blogs today and yours was a tear jerker for sure. What a sweet story about your Lindsey and a Happy Birthday to your Anna! Both are such special girls and I love how you continue to build them up in who God made them to be. You're a good mommy!

Christy said...

WOW Inger, what a post! I agree with EVERYTHING Dolly were blessed with three precious girls and a wonderful family! Love you guys.

Living for Him said...

Happy Birthday, ANNA! I had no idea I share a birthday with one of the Luff Girls!

Anna, Hope your b-day is everything you'd hoped it would be!

Inger, What beautiful memories!


Denise said...

Oh my goodness! VERY sweet post! And, well written too!

What a date to remember! I now will always think of your girls along with my friends bday today.

Happy birthday to sweet Anna! I hope you celebrate in a BIG ten year old way! And then post about it!

May God continue to bless your beautiful family Inger!

Xazmin said...

This post brought me to tears. What a remarkable story. How blessed you are to have 2 beautiful angels in your family!

Cissie said...

What a sweet story of how the Lord gave you Anna a year later on June 12th. Their friendship and bond is so precious, as a mom, I know you are proud of your girls! thank you for sharing. ANd HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANNA!

Donna said...

Oh my goodness, Inger! Thanks for sharing that story. I had no idea both of those events happened on that day one year apart. That is definitely a God thing. How cool and how special.

Happy birthday Anna! You are a special girl:)

Kristi said...

Inger, thanks for sharing this story. I have wondered what the complete story was regarding Lindsey. What a sweet post and what a wonderful blessing you gave your girls. I know your story has helped so many people. Lindsey and Anna are truly little miracles.

laurie said...

Ahhhh, I can't believe its been 10 years. I remember it so clearly, can't imagine the emotions you feel. I have to agree, what would we do without our Heavenly Father helping us with these special kids. love, Laurie (the other Laurie)

Krystal said...

Wow! I remember praying for Lindsey back in 1998. I am so thankful for the healing God has done in Lindsey's body and for the wonderful, sweet girl she is. All of you are blessed, indeed. I'm very glad I found your blog link on Faith's site and jumped over.

Laurie said...

Inger, when you talk about Lindsay being exactly who God made her to be and that she is such a blessing, I totally understand what you mean. It took me a while to stop grieving but if I could change things, I wouldn't. God uses this challenge to keep me dependant on Him... and that is so completely satisfying. Thanks for sharing your journey and reminding us God doesn't make mistakes.