Thursday, June 11, 2009

Up the Mountain

We are officially "up at camp" for the summer. I can already feel myself slowing down and enjoying the fresh mountain air. I have a batch of apple butter cooking in the crock pot down in the kitchen exciting...I have set up a "craft room"!!!!Our T shirts turned out so cute! Here are my mom, Anna and Lindsay modeling the "special pink" we ordered for the college girls (and the Luff girls).

Here is the font, huh?? Col. 3:12-17 is our theme verse this year.

Here are the towels I had monogrammed for graduation gifts and for our special guests this summer. I found a place in town that does embroidery-the lady and I are becoming great friends! She didn't know about monograms (California you know), so I have given her lots of ideas! She is doing some for herself to use as wedding gifts!!

We are anticipating a great summer of ministry, and relaxation (for me!). It is awesome to have meals prepared, I am not going to lie!! Now if it would warm up, we could get our beach routine started!! My mom is teaching Anna to crochet and she even brought her a sewing machine!!

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Jennifer said... I behind on blogging or what? I've been catching up on all your posts and I love the gifts you did for the girl's teachers. So cute and I really like the hot fudge and ice cream gift cards - great idea!

I think it's great that your entire family spends the summer at camp. What great memories they are going to have! And I'm with you...I don't care if it's camp food...I'll take that over not cooking any day! :)

You guys have a great summer!

Julie said...

I must say I'm jealous (in a good way :) I soooo love Lassen Pines. Wish I was spending the summer there.

Christy said...

Have a wonderful summer!! Wish I could come see you guys...I love Lassen Pines!!!!!! Give Gordon & Dottie and the rest of the gang a big hug from me!!