Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Livin'

While we are at camp during the summer I have it made!! Someone else buys the groceries and cooks for my family and I could have my laundry done for me (okay, I HAVE taken advantage of this on occasion), but I do it myself most of the time. It is a real time of fun and pretty much relaxation for me. My husband is busy busy busy though! So the girls and I find lots of time to go to the beach, make crafts and bake goodies at Grandma's! Here is Lindsay and Anna's room. It connects to our room through a door that Scott put in when Lindsay was a baby (we had outgrown having one room). There used to be three little Luff girls in this room, now there are two. Shae lives in the dorm!!
Another view into the girls' room.

Okay, this bathtub looks like we are just so spoiled..I must tell you that until about a few years ago we only had a shower (which burns you one minute and freezes you the next). I bathed Shae and Lindsay in a big lettuce tub on the floor of the shower! Scott found this wonderful tub at a scratch and dent sale...heaven!

Here is our room. I know there is a twin bed...Luff girl #3 got to have a queen bed in her room at home last Fall after camp was over-guess where she got it? It seemed like way too much work to bring up the bed and switch for summer...don't worry, we have a pull out bed underneath!!

You can tell there used to be a bigger bed, see how the picture is not centered...I still need to find some nails and a hammer!

Here is the door between our room and the girls' room.
As you can see, we have a comfy little spot to live during the summer, and believe me, maintaining only two rooms is so nice!



Julie said...

Thank you for showing us your rooms! I must admit I was always curious what your rooms looked like upstairs. Living at camp for the summer sounds wonderful!!

Denise said...

Wow Inger! That must be fun. I would love to spend the summer at camp and have entertainment for my children and someone to cook for me and a place were I can just RELAX! Good for you! And, I am guessing you have internet too! That is wonderful. ENJOY!!!!!

Denise said...

By the way, I just saw the pictures of camp below. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You are one lucky family. Do you (your husband) have the weekends off so you can spend time together as a family?

Dolly said...

I agree! Just looking at these pics makes me feel like I'm at camp. Everything is so nice and neat too. Do you have room checks? hahah!

Donna said...

Yes, how cool! I would love for my kids to be entertained, someone to cook for me and possilbly do my laundry while I layed by the lake reading a book all summer....oh yeah, and sleeping in a bed by myself! How nice!!!!

Striving to be better. said...

I was looking at all the pics of camp. Wow! It looks like there have been a lot of changes. Your pictures make me want to go there right now!! I hope my children will get to do something similar when they are older.

chloesgram said...

makes me homesick for camp!!!!